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Kaiju #8 chapter 18 - Kafka nullifying the Humanoid Kaiju's attack with his own attack

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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 18 – Kafka VS Humanoid Kaiju

Kaiju #8 chapter 18 - Kafka overwhelming the Humanoid Kaiju

Rage. Unbridled and Seething. The sight of his comrades state drives Kafka into a mode completely dominant over the Humanoid Kaiju that moments before had it playing with Reno and Iharu’s lives by experimenting on the resilience of their battle suits. Now with Kafka’s response precipitated, the Humanoid Kaiju attempts to collect Kaiju #8 as a corpse yet the ignorance shaping its perspective makes it blind to the true monster standing in front of it. Unleashed and craving retribution, Kafka closes in to the Humanoid Kaiju with the stare of an executioner.

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