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One Piece chapter 997 - Kaido lifts Onigashima Island up into the sky with his flame clouds

One Piece Chapter 997 – Kaido, The Strongest

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One Piece chapter 997 - Kaido lifts Onigashima Island up into the sky with his flame clouds

The shadow of destruction. The reflection of uncontrollable. The terror of possibility. The dragon of chaos. And the strongest creature there is. It took a while to get their but we finally begin to see what makes Kaido so OVERWHELMING. A distinct force that staggers any who seek to stand before him. Implausibility reckoned within mortal form. Now, with the plan in motion, Onigashima trembles.

How unbelievable. How absurd. How incredible. How utterly monstrous. Kaido truly was playing when dealing with the Akazaya Nine. Despite his immeasurable strength, he sought solace in the Samurai’s spirit only to have his yearning dashed by the inability of his opponents. DEATH was what he longed for yet the experience from twenty years ago besetting Kaido’s very soul continues to eclipse all moments arising since. A challenger to awaken the life within Kaido has yet to appear to cast the Dragon’s heart back into motion. A heart frozen by want and entrapped by pandemonium. Who will embody the challenger and can they truly revive the impression of life within the Beast unparalleled?

With such a void existing within Kaido, can Yamato ultimately save her father by inspiring him to want to live?

One Piece chapter 997 - Sanji captured by Black Maria

Sanji has succumbed to Black Maria’s trap and now finds himself immobilized and ensnared to her very whims. The spider web Sanji got caught in is either created through Black Maria’s Devil Fruit power or through one of her subordinates Devil Fruit. What will arise from such a situation? Black Maria clearly prefers a pacified approach over direct confrontation. Even with her separating herself from the chaos ensuing around Onigashima, she has still actively partaken in the Tobiroppo’s mission and captured Sanji. With Sanji equally lovestruck as he is passionate about saving Wano Kuni, what will he choose to do against Black Maria? Will he fight? Or can he resolve the situation through non-combative means? Will his honesty and cooking once again save his life and charm an enemy into a potential ally? But before that, how exactly did Black Maria know her strategy would work? Did she count on someone like Sanji appearing when she set the bait? As for the other “would-be heroes” who got caught in the same trap, could it be Bepo, Shachi and Penguin? And potentially also Killer who could have split off from Kid before his captain ascended to the fourth floor? Sanji fighting alongside the Heart and Kid Pirates would certainly be exciting.

The Beast Pirate Headliners really have become a joke. Not only are they weak and laughably ignorant of the strength their opponents possess but their SMILE forms are becoming more and more ridiculous. I find it increasingly challenging to take the Headliners serious when they keep taking forms like Hamlet, Fourtricks, Poker and Mizerka. Did consuming the SMILE and beating the side effect really benefit them at all? Well regardless, fortunately Luffy and Jinbe have taken a shortcut to the fourth floor allowing them to bypass the Beast Pirate Jokeliners waiting for them at the floor 3/4 staircase.

One Piece chapter 997 - Chopper declares he will create a cure for everyone

Zoro has displayed a taste of the abyss he possesses through his treatment of Apoo. One attack is all it took and not even someone on Apoo’s level could sense it. Everyone outside the Straw Hat Pirates are in awe at the strength and savagery of Zoro’s attacks. Zoro has retrieved the antibody for Chopper, who has revealed a weakness in the Ice Oni Plague to slow its progression. In addition, while the survivors slow the spread of the Ice Oni Plague, Chopper has declared that he will use that time and the antibody to develop a cure for ALL infected. Clearly Queen is annoyed that it makes sense for him to want to attack Chopper but truthfully, the person Queen should be mad at is himself. To develop a chemical weapon/plague with such a glaring weakness, did Queen expect anything else? If so, Queen may not be as accomplished as he perceives himself. The arrival of Marco also signals the beginning of the end of the Ice Oni Plague. Marco’s flames will be used to slow the progression of the Ice Oni Plague spread.

One Piece chapter 997 - Zoro unleashes on Apoo

With Onigashima Island being detached from the land and supported by the flame clouds of Kaido, those not present on the Island will unfortunately not be able to enter the battle unless that person is able to reach the Island floating in the sky (Hitetsu?). Seeing as the Thousand Sunny was docked in the waters of Onigashima’s port, will it be caught on some land mass taken up with the Island into the sky or will it have fallen into the sea with the other ships? If the latter, the Heart Pirates could navigate to the Thousand Sunny and retrieve it. Or if the former, will Momonosuke direct Yamato to the Thousand Sunny once it is spotted at the center of the port? I am very curious to see how the Thousand Sunny will come into play going forward. Will Onigashima Island make it to the center of Wano Kuni or will it be destroyed beforehand? If the Island is destined to be destroyed, will the Thousand Sunny’s presence on Onigashima Island be necessary for the Straw Hat Pirates to escape? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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