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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 19-20 – Kafka VS Hoshino

Kaiju #8 chapter 20 - Kafka VS Hoshino

Exhilarating. How spectacularly intoxicating. Kafka in his Kaiju #8 form being forced to survive Vice-Commander Hoshino’s assaults was a sight to see. Kafka experienced first-hand the capabilities of Soshiro and how fighting an upper agent of the Defense Force is like. Kafka may have been holding back because Soshiro is his commanding officer but I wonder if Kafka could really have taken on someone of Soshiro’s capabilities if Kafka did not have that relation holding him back. Possibly, but it would have severely exhausted Kafka.What is clear though is that Kafka has a lot to learn and he definitely needs to be more careful around the Defense Force going forward. They are out to get Kaiju #8.

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