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One Piece - Ice Oni Plague and similarities with Monet's Yuki-Onna form 2

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[Theory] One Piece – The Ice Oni Plague And The Yuki Yuki No Mi

One Piece - Ice Oni Plague and similarities with Monet's Yuki-Onna form

I find it curious that Queen only ended up developing such a plague now when a Devil Fruit user who utilises power similar to the Ice Oni Plague’s effects recently fell. Vegapunk in the past was able to isolate the powers of a Logia Devil Fruit and weaponise it. Queen could have potentially did the same with the Ice Oni Plague using a frost-specific Logia Devil Fruit user as a base i.e. the Yuki Yuki no Mi user, Monet.

All major powers within the New World are rushing to acquire resources and talents that utilises the power of science. Be it the Marines who have established the Special Science Group led by Vegapunk to fill the void left by the dissolution of the Shichibukai. Or Big Mom who planned a massive wedding to lure the Germa Kingdom in so that she could betray them and steal their cloning technology and scientific resources. Following along with that, it would make sense if Kaido had his own branch within the Beast Pirates that focused on weapons created by science and this is where Queen likely comes in. If Queen were part of the rogue research group Vegapunk and Judge (along with Caesar as the apprentice/assistant) belonged to in the past, it would help support Kaido’s confidence in his organisation and explain the lack of effort he has made to acquire additional scientific knowledge or resources.

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