Naruto Chapter 655 – The “Pillars” Supporting Naruto

Naruto chapter 655 - Kakashi and Obito - colour by StingCunha (

What do those eyes see… – colour by StingCunha

Through Kakashi we are given some idea what the difference between Obito and Naruto could be. Naruto has the trait of drawing people into him and making them feel like wanting to help him. Naruto’s refusal to accept and bend to society’s “reality” and his one-track mind to pursue what he really wants regardless of the likelihood opens people’s eyes to the possibilities of life and gets them to want to try the same. They start to believe in a future and place their hopes in Naruto supporting him whenever he stumbles. Obito wasn’t fortunate enough to have someone support him when he was at a crossroads deciding what to do and as a result, he became driven by despair. The contrast between a person with support and one without is clearly showcased this chapter.

Well I’m not surprised everyone demanded Obito’s death after he fell, he did commit serious crimes and attempted mass genocide, so the actions by Sasuke and Kakashi were justified. I am just glad Minato showed up and stopped them, because as much as I disagree and dislike what Obito has done as Tobi, I am curious to see how he has changed and what path he will choose to walk now.

There were many words left unsaid between Minato, Kakashi and Obito, so seeing them spill their emotions out now was pretty refreshing. Minato expressed the guilt he felt when he was unable to protect Rin and Obito. Obito confessed how much Rin meant to him, how she was the “sun” in his world, brightening it up and inspiring him to continue living. Once Rin died, Obito lost all desire to live and began to dance the tune of Madara’s. Kakashi revealing his feelings about how he thought the world was a living hell was interesting but it makes sense, he has suffered a lot; having his team members and sensei passing away without being able to do anything. But he kept living trying to see what the future held and through Naruto he was able to see a way into the future, a way to move pass all the suffering wars and conflicts brought. If Rin were alive, I wonder what she would have said O.o.

Naruto chapter 655 - The beginning of the end - colour by DEOHVI (

The beginning of the end – colour by DEOHVI

Naruto has already displayed how he doesn’t bow down to “reality” throughout this manga, he always looks forward and no matter how many times he gets knocked down, he gets back up and continues to pursue what he believes is right. His fearlessness and the sheer confidence he has in himself is inspiring. Just like the characters in this manga, I too have been inspired and moved by Uzumaki Naruto. He not only displays that hard work can accomplish things, but also that if you don’t try then you won’t know whether you can succeed. Everything starts with one step and continues with another.

Obito’s character I believe wasn’t meant to serve as a villain because as well as being a murderer, Obito was once a hero as well. Obito’s role in this war instead was to serve as an illustration of the damage war and negativity can have on a person, especially one without anybody to support them. The similarities and differences between Obito and Naruto showcased the sensitivity which perspective can have on a person’s decisions and how they really “see” what is in front of them. Obito’s mistakes and his decision to view himself the victim in the world he was living in highlighted Naruto’s true character and the quality that makes Naruto so inspiring to others. Obito’s character was also there to force the Shinobi Alliance to join as one opening their eyes to the mistakes of past conflicts.

With Naruto entering into a hiatus for the next month I am left sad =(. I am curious to see what Naruto’s Oodama Rasen-Shuriken which looks like a sun during the night on the last page of the chapter will do to the Shinju. Looking forward to Naruto when it comes back and seeing what Madara has planned.

Naruto chapter 655 - The path to a new tomorrow

The path to a new tomorrow…

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