One Piece Chapter 728 – The Tragedies Of Dressrosa

One Piece chapter 728 - Exploiting the tragedies

Exploiting the tragedies caused by Doflamingo

Robin took the words right out of my mouth, Doflamingo truly is one cunning man…Just to take over Dressrosa he created so much suffering and hatred, what a sad guy =(. Back to Robin, she was involved in a similar situation with Crocodile back during the Alabasta arc, although Crocodile never went as far as Doflamingo. No wonder Crocodile doesn’t like Doflamingo, his too extreme O.o. The two moments of the chapter for me: finding out that Violet is actually Viola Riku, the princess of the Riku family, and Robin’s shock reaction…I am speechless, she’s never let a reaction like that slip before, could this be signs of her loosening up after years of constantly being on edge and on guard before she joining the Strawhats? Either way, Robin looks hot even shocked.

So Violet’s real name is Viola Riku, King Riku’s daughter and the princess of the Riku family. No wonder she headed to the Royal Palace the last time we seen her. Still wow, so the man she wants to kill is Doflamingo? He caused her father to do such atrocious and unforgivable acts – killing Dressrosa’s beloved citizens, and even having the Riku army soldiers do the same. Viola has had to live with the pain of being unable to do anything against Doflamingo and the Donquixote crew for ten years…what an agonizingly long time it would have been for Viola to endure the bubbling emotions she had to have been torn apart by inside. She was able to secure her father’s life by promising to join the Donquixote’s family’s staff but serving the man who stole everything away from you must have been torturous for her. It makes me sad seeing the pain Dressrosa had to go through especially King Riku and Viola because of Doflamingo and his twisted desires. I hope Viola joins the Strawhat crew after this arc, I believe she will fit in quite nicely, especially Robin and her, I have a feeling they would get along really well =D.

One Piece chapter 728 - The pain they had to endure

The pain they had to endure…

Monet, ah so she was sent to Dressrosa to gather intel and to open the Palace gates for the Donquixote crew so they could invade the palace. It makes me sad once again seeing Monet in such a villainous light =(. Hopefully we get to see more of her story revealed at some point this arc or in a later arc.

It is interesting to note that memories of toys and the citizens are also being affected in the Dressrosa of now. How exactly are the people losing their memories? And why have some of the toys forgotten who they are? It is an odd revelation, I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that they have been turned into toys. Do the people turned into toys fall into despair so much that let go of any memory linking back to who they are? Do they want to be forgotten so badly that they themselves forget who they are and that they were once human? It’s twisted, completely twisted what Doflamingo is doing.

One Piece chapter 728 - The lost memories

The lost memories…how cruel

Nice to learn that most of the humans transformed into toys held onto their hatred for Doflamingo and retained the memories of who they really are. I curious to see how defeated fighters in the Colosseum will factor into the rebellious toys faction and the Tontarra tribe assault on Doflamingo. If everyone has beef against Doflamingo it is excepted that they would rebel at some point, I wonder why Doflamingo chose to keep them alive =/. Does he have some other plan for the toys?

Love how Robin went from her straight-faced reaction of saying “we cannot forgive Doflamingo” to her shocked reaction after finding out that it were the Strawhats who caused the Tontarra tribe to decide to go against Doflamingo that day. Oh wow, Robin is slowly becoming like the rest of the Strawhats. It may have been subconsciously, but she is finally showing signs opening herself up and letting her guard down which she had kept up for most of her life. It uplifting in a way, seeing a person once closed off and fearing everything to now having a place where she can let herself just be. Hopefully we get to see more of the changes Robin has been undergoing psychologically these past few years through her reactions, actions or dialogue =).

One Piece chapter 728 - Robin's shocked reaction

Well that is a rare sight

Looks like most of the defeated fighters from the Colosseum have already been transformed into toys, King Riku and Chinjao are the only two left it appears. King Riku feels something is amiss, a feeling similar to the one he felt ten years ago. Hopefully King Riku is able to act in time and stop Chinjao and himself from being transformed into toys. It would be cool to see Chinjao and King Riku defeat one of the Donquixote division leaders (Trebol). Anyway I wonder why Doflamingo ordered those fighters to be transformed into toys, does he plan to have them work in his SAD production factory?

It will be interesting to see what happens when the person transforming humans into toys and controlling them is defeated. Will the control over the toys be broken?

Bellamy…I doubt he will try to kill Luffy because from their past meeting he respects Luffy too much. Bellamy is probably approaching Luffy to have a chat. Going to be interesting to see what happens now, especially with so many developments happening this arc: Luffy in the Corrida Colosseum, the Mera Mera no Mi, Burgess wanting to win the Mera Mera no Mi for Blackbeard, the parallel’s between Rebecca and Ace, Bartolomeo’s fanboy obsession of the Strawhats, Law’s story, the Riku Family story, the Tontarra tribe story, the CP0, a Marine Admiral in Dressrosa, the Samurai sub-story which will most likely be expanded into another arc, the SAD production facility, potential alliances the Strawhats could form with pirates and countries (Chinjao, Riku and the Tontarra family), Doflamingo’s story, the connection to the Tenryuubito and the World Government, potential character’s that could join the Strawhats (Rebecca or Violet) and probably some other developments which I am forgetting. Looking forward to the next One Piece chapter =D.



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