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One Piece Chapter 729 – You’re Free To Go Wild!

There he goes again, Doflamingo gives Luffy another reason for wanting to take him down. If the treatment of Rebecca by the country wasn’t enough, he went and showed Law getting shot right in front of Luffy. Law saved Luffy’s … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 558 – Sajin’s Penance

I did not see that coming, for Sajin’s human metamorphosis to break and for him to turn into an actual wolf. Was it really Sajin’s pursuit of vengeance which caused this outcome? Did such feelings react to the curse his … Continue reading

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Fairy Tail Chapter 360 – Natsu vs Jackal

That was quite the thrilling fight, Natsu laid the smack down quite intensely on Jackal yet he was still able to get back up and act like nothing much happened, how interesting. Seems like Mikero has some idea of what … Continue reading

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