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Xenoblade Chronicles – A Truly Astonishing Game

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Xenoblade Chronicles-1

Fate and Destiny forged anew, the path to the future lies in today

Xenoblade came to a shock to me because before I knew it, I was completely engrossed in the game and found it extremely hard to not want to play the game. There is so much packed into the game that it actually becomes hard to find yourself becoming bored. From the collectable blue orbs, to the quests, to the story, to the characters, to the achievements, to the world, to exploring the massive world that exist in Xenoblade, to the amazingly handled combat system, every one of those things made the experience of playing Xenoblade so much fun. And without a doubt it is the most fun RPG I have played in the past year.

Xenoblade Chronicles-6

Endlessness and limitlessness, the future of a moment perpetuates itself into a fate that unravels into the infinite existences it embodies

The story starts up slow, but it continually builds up throughout the game and you find yourself being wowed by just what is taking place before your eyes and you become extremely intrigued and driven to find out just what will happen next. The characters grow on you and the actions they take as well as their resolve and strength to look towards the impossible future makes you fall completely in love with them.

Xenoblade Chronicles-3

Expansive and Magical, Xenoblade will take your breath away

I found this game so unbelievably fun to play. At 85 hours I had thought I was 75% complete with the game, but I ended up having a total gameplay time of just over 200 hours. The sidequest end up consuming a lot of your time because they are just so fun and rewarding to complete. Exploring the world itself is incredibly satisfying especially with the Landmark system and the beauty that is contained in the different zones in the world of Xenoblade is truly breathtaking – ah the zones, how beautifully captivating, my favourite is the Eryth Sea zone, it’s just stunningly gorgeous.

Xenoblade Chronicles-2

Infinitely expanding and eternally existing, the existence known as the universe forever graces us with its unending beauty

It may not be as graphically stunning as RPG games like Final Fantasy, but the colours, creativity and content are utilised so brilliantly, it doesn’t even matter how behind graphically Xenoblade is to current RPG titles, it takes everything it has to offer and combines it into a game that is incredibly memorable and nothing short of epic.

It was such an extreme pleasure to play such an amazing and love-filled game, I am truly grateful that I was able to play Xenoblade, it may have taken up over 200 hours of my time, but when I had a smile and euphoric heart throughout, I can’t say I mind in the slightest. I definitely would recommend Xenoblade to anyone who loves RPG games and has a Wii, it is COMPLETELY worth it.

Xenoblade Chronicles-7

An adventure ascending towards the end of the universe

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