One Piece Chapter 635-656 – The Shadow Engulfing The Future

One Piece Chapter 642 - center colour spread

I love this spread, it look amazing!

Like the sun that rises everyday to brighten the world people live in, the word “justice” attaches itself to subjective values grandising and justifying them as holy and righteous. Through time, through life, through circumstance and through experience, the mind molds itself into the perspective we view the world in, and just as easily as the mind molds to love the world, it twists into one that begins to destest it.

One Piece Chapter 644 - Hody's Mission

Fed by "hate" and beckoned by "vengenance", the deep seeded grudge grows into a pain afflicting the future

The meaninglessness of everything ultimately gives rise to meaning and grasping onto that meaning we begin to perceive the world and begin to judge.

A drop in the ocean causes a ripple which turns into a wave that causes a storm which ultimately distorts the world around it causing more ripples.

One Piece Chapter 644 - The grudge against humans

Grandised and twisted, the hate of today transforms the future of tomorrow

A victim of time and weakness; circumstances molded him into a monster blinded by nothingness. A hero to himself and to his cause, his mind sets him on a twisted path toward what he perceives as paradise, yet ultimately losing all it’s meaning through the twists it endures, the destination toward paradise leads towards the “nowhere” he finds himself at..

Eyes wide open yet shut tight, circumstance gives birth to monsters enclosed within hearts that close off the wonders and light of the future to the pain and darkness of the past.

This arc, I truly loved it. Set-up as the savior of Fishman Island and all it’s inhabitants, Luffy really did open that once blocked off path and take Fishman Island on the road toward “The Sun” they had all dreamed off. The shadow of Fishman Island was brought to light, ironically thanks to Hody and his gang, and thanks to Luffy, Fishman Island was as Prince Fukaboshi says, brought “back to zero”.

One Piece Chapter 647 - Collective Hopes

Collective Hopes

The collective hopes of a species ascend into the force of change revealing the path of tomorrow lit by the sun of today within the shadows of progress and the darkness of the past suffocating the futurewished for  by everyone.

The developments with the Sea Kings and Shirahoshi were great, now I’m even more curious about the Void Century and about the legend that will soon begin to take shape.

This scene here is one of my favourite scenes from the Fishman Island Arc, it was absolutely magical; the beginning of the bonding between Fishman and Human and the future towards the Sun sought after by Queen Otohime and all Fishman (minus Hody and his gang) finally opened up for all to head towards:

One Piece Chapter 648 - The Road Towards The Sun

The Road Onwards Towards The Sun

^Luffy asking Jinbe to be his Nakama at the end moved me immensely, that smile of Luffy’s and that air he has about him making you feel so relaxed, it induced such an incredible feeling inside when I read it.

Luffy declaring war against Big Mom was amazing, what a badass he is challenging one of four Yonko like that. And what’s even more badass is the fact that he intends to claim Fishman Island as his territory when he defeats her –  freakin’ awesome Luffy, I can’t wait for that battle!

One Piece Chapter 651 - Declaration of War

Take that and rewind it back, you are such a bawse Luffy!

The New World, I have been extremely curious about this Sea as stories about failed journies by great pirates in the New World have continually be cropping up throughout the story of One Piece (eg Crocodile, Moria, etc). “Just how different is this Sea from the Grandline?” “What exactly is so “terrifying” about this New World?” “What makes it so difficult that only one Pirate crew in history has fully sailed it?” “Just what is there?” – these questions continued to puzzle me and excite me as One Piece went on, and now finally!! THE STRAWHAT PIRATES ARE IN THE NEW WORLD!!

One Piece Chapter 653 - color by DEIVISCC

To the New World - color by DEIVISCC (

One Piece Chapter 654 - color by DEIVISCC

The New World - color by DEIVISCC (

Ah this magic, this magic known as One Piece, I still don’t get exactly what it is that captivates me so intensely, but man, does it make me so happy. It pumps me up so much and puts me in such a wonderous state of bliss. It truly is magical!

The current arc about Punk Hazard certainly does seem interesting – DRAGONS! (though it died…) and a half man with a mission concerning one of the Shichibukai, plus who is this M? Ah the New World, just how much more extreme can it get?! I can’t wait, looking forward to future chapters =).

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