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Winter Anime Season 2011/12

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Winter Anime 2012 Chart v3The season already started, but here’s the chart for the Winter Anime Season 2011/12.

The series that I do want to watch are:

>>Kyousogiga – the story does sound interesting and I really like the art style.

>>Natsume Yuujin-chou Shi – didn’t get around to watching the previous season, but will do that before I start watching this season. Enjoyed the first two seasons a lot.

>>Another – enjoyed the previous P.A Works I’ve watched before and from the trailers this series does intrigue me.

Trailer 1 | Trailer 2

>>Rinne no Lagrange – the fact that Production IG is writing this story is the reason I want to watch this series. And it’s Mecha!!

>>Black Rock Shooter – haven’t got around to watching the OVA, but I loved the art style of that.

Trailer | Preview

>>Moretsu Pirates – it’s by Satelight and I enjoy all their works.

>>Brave 10 -this series seems like it could be exciting.


>>Aquarion EVOL – watched the first season and I enjoyed it. I felt more like a experiment series as it had lots of elements to it, but I enjoyed what I saw nonetheless. Looking forward to this series.

>>Nisemonogatari – Bakemonogatari was awesome (and so is all of Nisio Isin’s works), so it was an easy chose deciding whether to watch this series.

Other Series that interest me:

>>Ano Natsu de MatteruPreview


.hack//Movie – plan on watching this, enjoyed the .hack series I’ve watched so far – Quantum is my favourite:


Rurouni Kenshin Movie: Shin Kyoto-Hen – Looking forward to this, enjoyed the series a lot:

Berserk: Golden Age 1 – Egg of Supreme Ruler – Berserk is awesome, can’t wait for the movies, they look so good.

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