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Bleach Chapter 480-481 – Imbalance

Bleach Chapter 481 - Ivan Azgiaro - coloured by Azley (http://azley.deviantart.com)

Hello hello, you certainly look like an interesting fellow, good sir - coloured by Azley (http://azley.deviantart.com)

Well well, so The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc begins, an interesting set-up so far – Hollows are disappearing at a rapid rate which will cause problems for the barrier between the Human World and Soul Society if nothing is down to stop the disappearances. The imbalance caused by the greater amount of souls existing in the Human World will start to cause Soul Society to spill into the Human World effectively mixing life and death.

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Bleach Chapter 462-479 – Answers That We Seek

Bleach Chapter 475 - Ginjou Kuugo by Athakra (http://athakra.deviantart.com)

Those sad and distant eyes... - coloured by Athakra (http://athakra.deviantart.com)

Judging and perceiving, I thought I read his character, but once again I begin to realise the limits to my own views. I thought he had no heart, I saw him as sinister, I classed him evil, I labelled him the “bad guy”, but within all that twisitedness and darkness surrounding him, their was a man with a heart, a man with love and warmth, neither good nor bad, just a man lost within his own self, within the darkness in his own heart.

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