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One Piece Chapter 1062 - A hologram of a space city

One Piece Chapter 1062 – The [VI] Vegapunk

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One Piece Chapter 1062 - A hologram of a space city

What a curious development, the mystery surrounding Vegapunk is even more fascinating than I initially suspected. Rather than something as simple as cloning or biological legacy, he instead split himself into six forms to cover more areas of research and potentially make it more difficult for his “enemies” to fully discard of him later on. It is unclear when Vegapunk exactly devised such a methodology but based on how events progressed through the story, I feel certain that Vegapunk only segmented himself after the events on Punk Hazard with Caesar i.e. around 2-4 years ago.

The different Vegapunk’s possessing varying ideologies is incredibly intriguing, why those personality types? I can understand the duality of good and evil but why were other Vegapunk types based on Greed and Violence? Why not other thematic personas like Madness or Charity or types aligning with the other deadly sins? Somehow I feel, certain Vegapunk need to operate as semi-antagonist within this arc to give Vegapunk a more overall focus.

One Piece Chapter 1062 - Zoro and Robin prepare to counter

The plot shifting toward Vegapunk now being expendable to the World Government is a very exciting development. I had been waiting for this moment when the World Government turn their back on him which would make it easier for Vegapunk to realign himself with a different faction i.e. the Straw Hat Pirates. And with six different Vegapunk’s to focus on and “protect”, you can bet that there will be a split focus to this arc with different groups handling the varying Vegapunk’s. Zoro and Co. already encountered Lilth and appear to be on route to meet Shaka. Luffy and Co. have come across York who has given them a view of what space-life could be like. With the Marines and the CP-0 now part of the equation, they too make end up being associated with a Vegapunk type too. Lucci’s annoyance toward the World Government betraying the man they once considered an asset may very well speak toward how Lucci see’s himself viewed by the World Government – “useful until he is not”. A crack has appeared and the CP-0 may not really be the antagonist of this arc. Lucci could end up working together with Luffy to protect Vegapunk. Knowledge is power and depending on what Lucci and Co. learn, they may find themselves enemies of the World Government at the end of this arc.

I love how Zoro and Robin got a moment to be appreciated even if through words. Those words highlighting the danger they possess speaks to the respect they both deserve. Zoro is strong enough to be a captain that rivals the other Worst Generation captains and Robin is an assassin who has both seen and experienced a world many others wouldn’t dream or dread of.

One Piece Chapter 1062 - The six Vegapunk's

As for the cover story, it appears Kuzan paid Totto Land a visit. I wonder if Kuzan is gathering printings of the Road Poneglyph for Blackbeard. As for how Blackbeard would decipher the text, I am curious to see if Kuzan redeems a favour from Robin and gets her to decipher them for him. This could be one way for Blackbearad to acquire the decipher Road Poneglyph without needing to have Nico Robin captured and it would establish the role Kuzan has working with the Blackbeard Pirates. Kuzan may be operating under cover to crush the crew from within or as a necessity to protect someone/something. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and finding out who the actual antagonist of this arc is – one of the Vegapunk? The Seraphim being transported by the CP-0? Another experiment of Vegapunk’s? The enslaved Sea Beasts(/King)?

An aside, this is just my copium kicking in, but could the arc serve as a platform to reintroduce Monet? I know it has been over ten years since the end of the Punk Hazard Arc but considering Monet’s affiliation with Caesar and her very likely having worked with Vegapunk in the passed (which is why Caesar trusted her so much), it could serve as a great arc to bring her back into focus. Her story was left very ambiguous and mysterious – why did she join the Doflamingo Pirates with her younger sister and why did she request Law to replace her limbs with that of birds. Considering the importance the Lunarian race now serves within the story, there may be a relation Monet has to the story of the Lunarians. I know it is unlikely but dammit, Monet is such an amazing character who possessed such a cool Devil Fruit (pun intended). An arc set within a Winter setting is very much a fitting arc to incorporate the user of the Yuki Yuki no Mi.

Enjoyment level: 9/10

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