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[Theory] Wandavision – The Return Of Ultron?

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Wandavision poster

Whether it be through the actions of S.W.O.R.D., Vision, Wanda, the Hex or another party, Ultron has an intimate connection to the characters relevant in Wandavision. There is potential for Ultron to be one of the antagonist of Wandavision or his revival to be an outcome from the chaos spiraling out of the Wandavision conclusion. S.W.O.R.D. may have awoken part of “Vision” and his time in the Hex could be awakening the rest of Vision which includes the elements of Ultron, Jarvis, Tony and Bruce.

More than Wanda intentionally expressing her desires onto the town of Westview, I wonder if Ultron has some part in influencing the Hex and the current state of Westview. While Wanda may be the power source that made such a reality possible, the true architect behind the “Westview Hex” could be someone else entirely or….something else. Everything started after Wanda broke into S.W.O.R.D.’s HQ and retrieved Vision who was being experimented/researched on. As has been mentioned during Avengers: Infinity War, Vision is made up of more than the Mind Stone. He has parts of Jarvis, Tony, Bruce and…Ultron in him.

What happens if S.W.O.R.D. was able to “revive” Ultron or reawaken the dormant code that formed the base of Ultron – project Cataract? Is Ultron the reason Wanda is being manipulated into using her powers in such a manner. One of the existences that ended up learning a substantial amount about Wanda is Ultron who came to understand why Wanda wanted to crush the Avengers initially and how her powers operated. Ultron even knew about Pietro, his death, the events that led up to it (because Ultron killed Pietro) and the close bond Wanda and Pietro share. Could Ultron be using the avatar of Pietro (recast version) in order to understand more of Wanda’s powers so that he can manipulate Wanda more to achieve his goals.

Ultron during the Age of Ultron film was very much obsessed with “evolution” and humanity changing. Could the construction of the Hex and its expansion be one of the goals of Ultron? Using the Hex to evolve those subject to its energy and field.

Additionally, Ultron in the film even talked about people creating children “designed to supplant them, to help them end.” Is this why in he earlier episodes, Wanda was encouraged to have children? Ultron may not be able to fully control Wanda but children born within the Hex that have her power may be more susceptible.

The reason for the broadcast could be because of Ultron and his desire to watch Wanda’s “fantasy” come to life. Ultron may be tapped somehow into the Hex field or network within Westview.

Cataract, does Ultron represent the aspect weakening Vision’s…vision? And is Vision also doing the same for Ultron. Is this why Vision is not bound by the directives of the reality Wanda has created (influenced by Ultron) because Ultron is not in complete control of Vision due to Vision also being made up of Tony, Bruce and Jarvis?

In terms of the ads during the episodes:

  • The Stark Industry Toaster – Ultron is one of the few existences who know about Wanda and Pietro’s past concerning “Stark” – Pietro shared their past with Ultron and their disdain for Tony and the Avengers.
  • The Strucker Watch – Ultron knows Wanda and Pietro were experiments of Strucker which resulted in them gaining their powers
  • Hydra Soak – Ultron is aware of Hydra and the organisation’s connection to Wanda
  • Lagos Brand Paper Towels – Vision (which “Ultron” is also housed in) knows about the Lagos incident that continues to haunt Wanda
  • Yo-Magic – Vision/Ultron is aware of how Wanda’s power functions. Without Wanda’s magic, Vision/Ultron wouldn’t be “alive”/exist

As for the Aerospace Engineer that has been alluded to in the past few episodes, could it be Amadeus Cho? In the comics Amadeus’s mother is Helen Cho, who is canon within the MCU (Age of Ultron). If the story does follow the comics, there may be relevance to introduce one of the smartest characters in the world. Plus if Ultron is involved in the Hex and Wanda’s current situation, there will be relevance in including Amadeus, the son of Helen. The main issue I have with this theory is the age of Helen Cho and the current timeline. Helen was not that old in Age of Ultron and she did not appear to have a child. Even with the Wandavision story being set around 8 years later, I don’t believe a 19 year Amadeus could show up unless Amadeus’s father is introduced as the Aerospace Engineer or Amadeus is the brother or cousin of Helen or if Helen did have a son during the events of Age of Ultron.

As Ultron stated, “everyone creates the thing they dread” and Wanda may be doing that subconsciously. However the story develops, I expect Ultron to have some relevance in Wandavision. Very much looking forward to episode 7 releasing later today.

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