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One Piece chapter 1002 - Luffy attacks Kaido

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One Piece Chapter 1002 – Yonko VS The Next Generation

One Piece chapter 1002 - Luffy attacks Kaido

Immense is the obstacle before the next generation yet impossible is something it is not. Unbeknownst to the Yonko before them, the conviction behind the next generation’s acts carries the belief and capability that a possibility which should be improbable is entirely within reach. And in no small part is the underestimation of their abilities playing a part in seeing the pillars of the New World toppled. The Yonko have continually looked down on their younger rivals allowing for a blindspot within the Yonko’s perception of possibility to conjure itself. The lack of expectation and belief the Yonko have in their opponents capabilities will ultimately lead to their eventual downfall.

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