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One Piece chapter 990 - Inuarashi and Nekomamushi transform into their Sulong forms

One Piece Chapter 990 – X Drake And Luffy

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One Piece chapter 990 - X Drake takes down a Number

Isolated and attacked, the lone soldier undercover within the den of beasts cast his lot in with the renegades insane enough to challenge the reality of the status quo. X Drake despairs yet finds hope within the chaos the Straw Hat Pirates represent against the crew of the Strongest Creature in the world. How will Luffy respond to the plea directed at him? And will Drake escape the wrath of the Beast Pirates?

Drake’s secret is out. Despite his shadowy attempts at at disarming the Beast Pirates by assisting Law, Hawkins had realised what he had done. By extension, Queen has now found the traitor within his ranks and seeks answers to the reason behind such a scheme. Unfortunately for Queen, adding to his numerous failings within this arc, Drake was able to escape from him and meet with the Straw Hat Pirates. Hawkins, Who’s Who and Queen will need to engage with the Straw Hat Pirates if they wish to target Drake which contrary to Hawkins predictions is a much steeper hill than statistically conveyed. With Drake almost guaranteed to become a member of the Alliance against the Beast Pirates, it is about time the Beast Pirates learn exactly how under they have been estimating Luffy.

One Piece chapter 990 - Hawkins predicts Drake's survival rate

How will Drake joining the Straw Hat Pirate Alliance for this arc affect his mission and his survival rate Hawkins was predicting (if Hawkins was referring to Drake)? Will it rise from its initially 1%? And as for the Straw Hat Pirates survival rate, will Hawkins reattempt to predict that? Surely Luffy’s chances of being alive after the Wano Kuni Arc is greater than 19%? Or could what Hawkins be predicting involve events after the Wano Kuni Arc because 2 weeks prior to the current events, he did mention to Luffy that his chances of being alive one month from now is 19%. Could the low percentage of his survival rate be due to events no connected directly to Wano Kuni such as his battle against Kaido but be a result of events to come after Kaido’s downfall? Why didn’t Hawkins use a simpler scenario to predict Luffy’s survival rate such as his chances of surviving against Kaido? It is very curious indeed. What exactly could follow the Wano Kuni Arc? The Elbaf Island story and the Straw Hat Pirates battle against the World Government? If events after Wano Kuni are what is influencing the survival rate of Luffy in that prediction Hawkins made, what would the rate be if Hawkins narrows the prediction down to today? Once Hawkins makes that prediction and observes the result, I expect him to reanalyze his current situation and standing.

As for Drake, what is his mission? Was he sent to work his way into the Beast Pirates to spy and to keep tabs on them? Was it merely for information sake or was there a particular objective Drake had to complete? Does it relate to the SMILE trade and the Marines wishing to learn who the broker for the artificial devil fruits was? I can understand why the Marines would want to have spies in the Yonko crews so to avoid themselves being caught by surprise yet why is it only Kaido who had a spy in his crews ranks? Could the Marines not find a way to work a spy within Big Mom’s crew? Did they not want to force marriage on any one of their soldiers? If Bege can work his way into Big Mom’s ranks, the Marines could have as well. The element of marriage to one of Big Mom’s children may have impeded the Marines progress or is there really a member currently undercover within Big Mom’s crew? Chances are the Marines are targeting Kaido due to some history Kaido has with the Marines. If I am correct in my theory of Kaido being a prisoner of Punk Hazard, the Marines are overwhelmingly concerned about Kaido now that they know what type of creature he is. And as such, they are desperate to have information about his actions and potential weaknesses. So many questions with so little answers.

One Piece chapter 990 - Queen finds the traitor within the Tobi Roppo

Seeing as the Beast Pirates were susceptible to spies joining theirs ranks, which other factions would have sent undercover agents to join the Beast Pirates? One person I can see stationing a member of their crew within the Beast Pirates to keep tabs on Kaido and his actions is Doflamingo. My theory on Doflamingo’s undercover agent.

What is unusually missing is one of the most important pieces in this fight against Kaido. Trafalgar Law has separated from the group for a reason and currently he is working his way toward that destination. What does Law have in mind to use against Kaido? Does Law have a way to deal with Kaido’s seemingly “unkillable” body? Most likely. After everything the Ope Ope no Mi has been shown and mentioned to be capable of doing, dealing with Kaido and weakening him should be well within the Devil Fruit’s powers. The World’s Strongest Creature VS the Ultimate Devil Fruit. The ability to modify bodies with the Ope Ope no Mi will end up being used to modify Kaido’s body to remove his resistance to damage and make him vulnerable to the attacks Luffy, Zoro and Kid will eventually land on him. Unbeknownst to Kaido, Law could very well be his Kryptonite. And furthermore, could the person Hawkins was referring to regarding the 1% survival rate be Law? If Law is going to use his ability to modify Kaido’s body, will this come at the risk of his life? Or is it Luffy. No matter how many times Hawkins checks, Luffy’s chances of survival never comes out to be zero just like his readings after the Marineford War.

One Piece chapter 990 - Inuarashi and Nekomamushi transform into their Sulong forms

Before those events concerning Kaido can take place, we first have to witness the resolve of Inuarashi and Nekomamushi clash against the might of Jack whom had devastated their homeland and tortured their people. In order to prevent what happened from happening before, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi have imbued themselves with the Moonlight and transformed into their Sulong forms. What do their transformed forms look like and will they be able to defeat Jack before their energy depletes? I imagine Inuarashi and Nekomamushi losing strength after they take out Jack. The two will exhaust themselves to ensure Jack is defeated.

Zoro, Jinbe and Luffy being featured taking on the Numbers was interesting. Was Oda-sensei alluding to those three being the new Monster trio? Has Sanji been cast out of that group and relegated to the lower tier? Whatever the case, the Straw Hat Pirates have grown in strength and capabilities since Thriller Bark and are now each likely able to solo a Number if they set themselves the task. Both remaining Numbers are down – No.5 (Go) taken out by the Gomu Ningen and Juki (ten) taken out by X Drake not to mention Fouranky taking out Jaki (four). The Tobi Roppo (minus Drake) have been called to prevent the Straw Hat Pirates from reaching Kaido on top of the Onigashima Castle skull dome. Finally, we may be getting battle coverage for the Straw Hat Pirates not named Luffy and Zoro. Unless appears and uses his room to move Luffy to the top of the skull dome. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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