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Fairy Tail chapter 545 - color spread of Fairy Tail guild

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Fairy Tail (Manga) – The Fairy Within Our Hearts

Fairy Tail chapter 545 - color spread of Fairy Tail guild

Fairy Tail may not delve into themes as deep as identity and existentialism or analysis the philosophy of freedom and responsibility against the constructs of religion and society and it may not challenge the darker themes it does begin to voyage into but what Fairy Tail does have is heart, and a lot of it. It’s emotionally powerful scenes drive the story, the character development and the characters themselves. The encouraging touch of its embrace resonances deep within the reader, inspiring connections with the characters alive in its story and struggling through its world to be formed. And central to that evocation is the heart of the story; the guild Fairy Tail.

The heart is a miraculous existence that allows us to connect to others, to share our emotions with them and to have emotions shared with us. And yet, along with the joy it is able to conjure, the shadows of its rhythm also awakens a darker beat of love. A realm of negativity in which the echoes of optimism and bonds of relation can be submerged and lost within. Such concepts are the navigating expressions embodying the adventures and journeys within Fairy Tail. Characters lose themselves within their pain, torment and heart yet through their shared connection with others, they are able to accept the debilitating thoughts within their mind and embrace the warmth of their imperfections.

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