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Monet - Treasure Cruise

[Theory] One Piece – Doflamingo’s Undercover Agent: Monet

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Monet - Treasure Cruise

The keeper of chaos. The broker of darkness. The agent of secrets. The mediator of devastation. The supplier of power. The shadow of the Tenryuubito. Whatever mechanisations were ongoing within the New World, Doflamingo before his fall had his hand turning it. And even now, bound by chains of seastone and locked away on the sixth level of Impel Down, Doflamingo still holds relevance within the events unfolding in the story due to the gaping void left by his departure as Joker. But prior to his defeat, the instruments enabling him to hold such a position were the operatives of his family allowing access to key information necessary for critical decision-making. And among the officers Doflamingo employed, one of his most valuable was the undercover agent Monet.

The extent of Doflamingo’s influence was vast. In addition to the dealings and productions Doflamingo was involved in, the information he possessed on various factions truly made him the most dangerous broker in the Underworld. His enemies feared him and for good reason. Here is a list of what Doflamingo was involved in while operating as the underworld broker “Joker”:

  • Selling weapons to nations waging war and to pirates;
  • Selling weapons (acquired from Orochi) to the World Government/Marines via the CP-0 to use against pirates;
  • Slave trade via his Human Auction House on Sabaody Archipelago (abandoned before the Marineford War);
  • Providing medical supplies and services to the Whitebeard Pirates and likely used those nurses to keep abreast on the Whitebeard Pirates movements;
  • SMILE production on Dressrosa using the Tontatta dwarves;
  • SMILE trade with Kaido (likely in exchange for Wano weapons) and various buyers;
  • Gigantification experiments indirectly through Caesar who was also involved in an arrangement with Big Mom;
  • Devil Fruit trade – acquiring the Mera Mera no Mi and selling Devil Fruits to interested parties;
  • Financing the production of poison weapons (Caesar) – production of Koro (sold to the Beast Pirates) and the Shinokuni gas;
  • A former Tenryuubito – has knowledge of the Tenryuubito history and the formation of the World Government (educated on the 20 kingdoms that formed it and the former nation the Donquixote Family once ruled prior to residing within Marijoa);
One Piece chapter 722 - Doflamingo reveals the history of the twenty kingdoms
  • Acquired information on the national treasure of Marijoa and as such became a target of the World Government;
  • Knowledge of the Ope Ope no Mi, its capabilities (Perennial Youth Operation) and how it can be utilised in conjunction with the Marijoa national treasure;
  • Stationed an undercover agent within the Marines to acquire information on their movements (Ope Ope no Mi trade) and to remove any evidence that connects back to the Donquixote Pirates (invasion of Dressrosa, child kidnappings the G-5 were investigating and Caesar’s experiments);
  • Possessed the status of the Shichibukai granting him freedom to move through the seas and allowing him to interact with and acquire information from the Marines and the other Shichibukai members including knowing who the current Admirals are;
  • Former King of Dressrosa – allowed him attend the Levely/Reverie when they were held in the past which would have provided Doflamingo with information about the decisions made by the nations and influence over what decisions are made – may have also come to know of Kuma’s connection to the Sorbet kingdom from the Levely;
  • Knowledge of the World Government’s science experiments – Pacifista, Kuma’s fate, seastone research, Dragons, Artificial Devil Fruits and Gigantification;
  • Being the most influential man in the underworld, Doflamingo has insight into the dealings and trades occurring in the underworld and of the Emperors of the underworld;
  • Aware of the mercenary groups available for hire through the underworld such as the Yeti Cool Brothers (Caesar purchased their services on Punk Hazard) and Germa 66;
  • Given his underworld status, Doflamingo was likely “invited” to attend one Big Mom’s past tea parties. As such, Doflamingo would be aware of Carmel, her photo and Big Mom’s love for her. Doflamingo may also be familiar with the Orphan Trade that Carmel once conducted with the CP-0;
  • Intelligence on the varying races living within the world – illustrated by the human trade list;
  • Enlightened on information concerning the “D” clan and how they are considered the enemies of “God” – Doflamingo when captured posed Tsuru the question of when the people of “D” will show up and when.
One Piece chapter 682 - Doflamingo aka the Underworld Broker Joker

Doflamingo’s influence overlapped across many of the current relevant factions of One Piece. When Doflamingo mentioned he was keeping the monsters in check through his presence, he was not exaggerating. The fragile balance his position provided kept pandemonium from erupting. With no one left to keep the powers of the New World in line, the monsters now have no reason to stay reserved. Kaido and Big Mom have allied together targeting the Ancient Weapons with the intention of using them to plunge the world into chaos. The World Government have dissolved the Shichibukai in response to the majority vote made by the rulers of nations affiliated with the World Government. Furthermore, the Marines are about to reveal their new power that they feel will make up for the loss of the Shichibukai, the Special Science Group led by Dr. Vegapunk. The Revolutionary Army have made their declaration of war against the Tenryuubito by attacking Marijoa during the Levely. Blackbeard has amassed more power and has now set sail to acquire an additional prize that the Marines are also targeting. Yes,with no one present to influence their decisions, the factions across the New World are left to react unchallenged and as such, the road to war has begun being traversed on.

If there is one character in One Piece that can help the readers understand the mysteries residing within the shadows, it is Doflamingo. And if Doflamingo is not available given his current status as prisoner of Impel Down, an agent of his may suffice in providing the necessary exposition for events, settings or objectives yet to be featured. That agent being one of the two Donquixote Pirates not captured and the member with possible connections to the different factions relevant to the current developments – Monet. Monet has already been shown to have been an undercover agent within the Dressrosa Kingdom and on Punk Hazard but during her time not spent on Dressrosa and Punk Hazard, could she have been undercover elsewhere?

One Piece chapter 675 - Law expresses his underestimation of Monet

I believe Doflamingo in the past had Monet go undercover within the Beast Pirates in order to keep himself informed of the movements of his trading partner.

>>Monet undercover within the Beast Pirates

Additionally, Monet may have also been undercover within the Punk Hazard facility prior to the explosion from four years ago.

>>Monet undercover with the Marines science division on Punk Hazard

So why am I bringing up Monet now? Is she still alive? Of course she is. Oda-sensei’s writing style supports Monet being alive. Is her character still relevant? I strongly believe she is. Relative to the story, when looking at what Monet knows and whom she was connected to, I can’t help but find her to be an incredibly pertinent character to the current events occurring in the One Piece story and the events yet to come regarding Elbaf, the Ancient Giants, Vegapunk, and the journey to Laugh Tale. If Monet were to reappear, they would be a place for her.

One Piece chapter 664 - Monet's researching while working undercover as Caesar's secretary

Lets have a look at the knowledge that Monet possesses concerning relevant characters, alliances and projects of various factions:

  • As a member of the Donquixote Pirates crew (well ex-member), Monet knows Doflamingo operates as Joker and is familiar with the workings of the underworld – helps Caesar broadcast his experiment showcase to the underworld clientele;
  • Monet is informed of the mercenaries available for hire through the underworld (likely including Germa 66) – Caesar purchased the services of the Yeti Cool Brothers based on Monet’s advice;
  • Having worked within the Dressrosa Palace, Monet is acquainted with the history of Dressrosa and has knowledge of the Riku Royal family including Viola and her abilities;
  • Monet is cognizant of the existence of the Tontatta dwarves through her role as a attendant within the Dressrosa Royal Palace and as a member of the Donquixote Pirates whom utilised the dwarves botany skills to cultivate SMILEs;
  • Working as Caesar Clown’s secretary and assisting him on Punk Hazard, Monet is aware of Caesar’s relevance to the powers of the New World;
  • Monet has knowledge of Big Mom’s involvement with Caesar through the gigantification experiments Big Mom has commissioned;
  • Monet knows the children on Punk Hazard were given NHC10;
  • Monet knows Caesar was the one who caused the explosion 4 years ago on Punk Hazard and of Vegapunk’s presence on the Island in the past;
  • Having access to the research left behind in the Punk Hazard labs, Monet is aware of the prior research conducted on Punk Hazard by the World Government Scientist – she knew about Caesar’s poison gas weapon that was situated in the C-block of lab 3 and of Vegapunk’s dragons;
  • Monet was present on the Island when Kuzan and Sakazuki had their duel for the position of Fleet Admiral;
  • Monet is conversant of the Ope Ope no Mi and what it is capable of – she anticipated Law as a doctor could use the Ope Ope no Mi to help heal the afflicted prisoners whose bodies were damaged by the poison gas. Monet also knows about the Ope Ope no Mi’s ability to carve out a persons heart;
  • Monet is learned on the history of Law, the Straw Hat Pirates and the rest of the Worst Generation including Blackbeard;
One Piece chapter 666 - Monet reveals she is educated on the history of the Worst Generation and Law's involvement with Luffy
  • Monet is well-informed on major events involving the Worst Generation such as the incident on Sabaody Archipelago two years ago, the Marineford War, the two year Straw Hat Pirate absence and the Straw Hat Pirates revival;
  • Monet was present when Law and Luffy entered into their alliance with Kaido as their target and when Luffy expressed his intention to take down all the Yonko (raised three fingers up);
  • Monet is aware Luffy is able to utilise Haoshoku Haki;
  • Monet knows about SAD and its purpose in the SMILE production;
  • Monet has knowledge of the Marines such as the G-5; Vice-Admiral Smoker and his subordinate, Captain Tashigi;

Additionally, while it is not confirmed, this is the knowledge Monet could possess:

  • Acquaintance of the Beast Pirates if she was undercover within their organisation;
  • Information on the World Government’s science research if at one point in time she was also undercover within the Punk Hazard labs – information on Kuma and the top secret Pacifista project which is why Doflamingo was aware of the modifications going on with Kuma’s body;
  • Exposure to the Levely held on Marijoa – Doflamingo was King of Dressrosa and likely attended the past Levely’s when held. Doflamingo may have taken Monet with him as one of his assistants or servants during one of the Levely meetings if not both of the Levely’s held during the past ten years before his fall;
  • Knowledge of astronomy – Monet was shown researching books related to astro[nomy] and e[clip]se during the Punk Hazard Arc;
  • Knowledge of biology and how an individuals DNA and RNA can be modified – Monet was shown with a book titled Antico[don];
  • Knowledge of birds – her younger appearance as a child in the volume 80 SBS section is shown holding a book with the title “BIRD”. Monet could have studied Ornithology;
  • Knowledge of the Ancient Giants – given how Punk Hazard was the facility used to experiment on recreating Ancient Giants, they would be research still left. In Vegapunk’s room, there is a book on GIANTS. The frozen prisoners from the past are still there frozen in lab 3. There is also the [Ancient] giant skull on the burning side of Punk Hazard;
  • Given Monet’s interest in the Pirate King conveyed through her last thought before attempting to activate Caesar’s gas weapon from lab 3, she may have some information concerning the Pirate King and how to achieve such a status. One does not make such a statement without genuine belief. At the very least, Monet idolizes the concept of “Pirate King”;
  • Potentially familiar with the Mink race seeing as Caesar himself was informed on the rumours surrounding their hatred of humans and fighting ability

May or may not be aware that Doflamingo is a former Tenryuubito – likely not aware given how it is a secret kept between the Elite Officers and Doflamingo and not shared with any of the other members;

One Piece chapter 686 - Monet engages with Zoro

With Vegapunk becoming increasingly relevant and imminent, surely the ability to understand what research he was conducting and how to combat it would be effective. Franky has studied Vegapunk’s research during the two year time-skip but that was mainly in the area of mechanics and engineering. As for Chopper, he is versed in the discipline of medical science. There is opportunity available for one educated in the fields of chemistry, biology and astronomy (the moons are connected to the story of the Ancient Kingdom) to assist the Straw Hat Pirates going forward. Monet spent at least three years on Punk Hazard with access to the research located in the World Government’s former secret facility including the research found in Dr. Vegapunk’s “secret room” which was located in lab 3 (Vegapunk’s former laboratory). Monet has been shown researching throughout the Punk Hazard Arc when Law arrived and a few months later when the Straw Hat Pirates arrived. With emphasis given to an erudite character such as Monet studying information contained in a former World Government secret facility that housed research on past experiments and potentially current projects the government scientist are working on, I find it hard to believe it was not setting any future story up.

Further, with Caesar’s whereabouts currently unknown, if the story needs Caesar to be located again, Monet may know where he is.

Monet is aware of the Straw Hat Pirates journey, their two year absence, their revival and their potential capabilities. She has knowledge of the Worst Generation, Caesar’s relevance, the experiments the government scientist (including Dr. Vegapunk) were conducting on Punk Hazard, the duel between Kuzan and Sakazuki, the existence of SAD and SMILEs, the trade-deal Doflamingo has with Kaido, the arrangement Big Mom has with Caesar regarding the gigantification project, the underworld mechanisations, the capabilities of the Ope Ope no Mi, the alliance Luffy and Law have entered into, the target of that alliance (Kaido), Luffy’s intention to defeat all the Yonko and of Luffy’s Haoshoku Haki. Monet is an expert in the art of espionage and potentially is also well versed in the fields of astronomy, biology, chemistry and ornithology (the books Oda-sensei has shown Monet with relate to these fields). Monet may have been undercover within the Beast Pirates and the Punk Hazard facility prior to it being abandoned by the government as well. Punk Hazard itself is also the source of many mysteries currently coming into focus within One Piece such as the Ancient Giants, their history and the relevance of the Giant race in general. On top of that, the Yeti Cool Brothers, whom belonged to a mysterious giant race were also featured during the Punk Hazard Arc. Such mysteries may become a central focus during the Elbaf Island Arc. If Monet were to show up again in the story, she would be well-informed about what is going on and need minimal panel time to reintegrate her into the narration. And considering all that, I believe there is genuine reason to advocate for her reappearance.

>>Monet Timeline

>>There’s Something About Monet Theory (from 2015)

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