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Fairy Tail Chapter 407-417 – The END Of An Age

Fairy Tail chapter 415 - Natsu and Igneel

Tears of love and loss

Despite the success in preventing Tartarus from nullifying all magic power on Ishgar, the cost of reaching such a point was felt by many, in particular, the Dragon Slayers and Gray. The truth behind the remnants of the Dragons and their attempts to prevent a repeat of history and the annihilation of their creation birthed from their mistakes unveiled the necessity of working together to defend against the inevitable future threat Acnologia poses to all creation. And within the shadows of that engulfing darkness,  Zeref waits for the one capable of ENDing his suffering and setting him free from the prison of immortality. The flame demon known as E.N.D, otherwise fully known as Etherias Natsu Dragneel.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 373 – 41 Minutes

Fairy Tail chapter 373 - 41 minutes to stop Face from activating

What a 41 minutes this is going to be

Everything has become a lot more tense and exciting now with a timer being placed on Face’s activation. Within these 41 minutes until Face activates and all magic onn the continent is rendered null, can Fairy Tail defeat the Tartarus members opposing them and stop Face from activating? And will Jellal, Meredy and Oración Seis have a further role within this arc? Beyond the developments of Face though, who is this E.N.D. Zeref mentioned, the greatest demon “book” of he created? Why couldn’t Igneel kill him and why will Natsu be faced by such an extreme choice when encountering E.N.D.? Whatever happens within these 41 minutes and after, it feels like something significant is going to be changed.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 372 – Erza vs Kyouka

Fairy Tail chapter 372 - colour spread - cleaning by Ulquiorra90 (http://ulquiorra90.deviantart.com)

Got to love the Fairy Tail colour spreads, I know I do (cleaned by Ulquiorra90)

So Kyouka really was captured, I was half-expecting Minerva and Jackal to show up and take on Erza and Natsu respectively, buying time for Kyouka to escape and devise a plan B for the current situation i.e. disengaging the gravity on the undercube. Well that didn’t happen but it was amusing seeing Erza payback Kyouka’s earlier hospitality. I enjoyed seeing Erza’s new requip armor and weapon, though I hope this battle with Kyouka isn’t over yet. Kyouka has been portrayed as an important antagonist this arc, seemingly the head of the Kyuukimon (Nine Demon Gates), so it does seem likely that she will not be defeated just yet. Well now that there is a breach in the undercube, it is time for Fairy Tail to push forward their counter attack and hopefully avoid whatever terrors Zeref, who encounters Natsu, has in store for them inside.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 246-275 – Reclaiming Number One

Fairy Tail Chapter 263 - Fairy Tail

Seven years of nothingness and seven years of change, Fairy Tail awakens to a world different then they remember yet their desire to continue living and having fun hasn’t changed

Lost time and lost reality, hidden regrets and shadowing sadness; the world dawns anew shining a light seven years old on eyes closed but for a moment. A miracle born from the magic of faith and bonds, called upon by the thoughts of each of them, embraced by the hearts they share with one another, empowered by the love they have for each other; yes, a magic known as a miracle answers their call but the reality of “then” freezes over.

Through the nothingness and silence of seven years sleeps the heart of the fairies, beckoned by their bonds and awakened by their faith in each other, the fairies awaken to a world hosting a reality seven years on. Tattered wings and fallen fairies; those who endured these seven years fill their mind with memories of the past, yet through the hopelessness and compounding despair, echoes of the past resound through their hearts and as seen in their treasured dreams, memories of “then”  materialise into the “now”. The beat of the heart breathes life into the fairies and like fire, it spreads igniting their spirits and setting their love for Fairy Tail ablaze.

A different time, a new present, a changed world; the Fairies of Fairy Tail have awakened after their seven-year filled frozen moment asleep and set their eyes on reclaiming their throne, the throne with the title of being number one, the number one guild in Fiore.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 235-241 – Ethereal Wings

Fairy Tail Chapter 241 - Fairy Tail Guild Members

Individual and separate, yet connected and defined by the crest they all share

Unified by a guild and connected with their hearts, the Fairies of Fairy Tail lose their wings in face of overwhelming and overpowering magic. Yet through their enduring, they find a light, and with each other they reach their hands out supporting one another and lift each other back into the skies, where their determination and love erupt into radiating and boundless magic which pierces through the gravitating darkness and forms the wings of their collective bonds enabling them to soar towards the endless. Fairy Tail, it definitely is an amazing guild.

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