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Fairy Tail Chapter 502 – Together As One

Fairy Tail Chapter 502 - Mavis

The counterattack begins

Zera is quite the interesting existence, is she just an illusion created by a past void within Mavis where her feelings for Zera ended up manifesting itself into an actual existence or is she really Zera’s soul existing? What ever the case, “Zera” exist and now has rejoined with Mavis becoming one once again. Potentially “Zera” may be key in the magic behind Fairy Heart or at the very least help explain what Fairy Heart really is.

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Fairy Tail Zero (Manga) – Where Do Fairies Live?

Fairy Tail Zero chapter 12 - The founders of Fairy Tail

The beginning…

Do fairies really have tails? Do fairies even exist? An eternal mystery. An eternal adventure. The beginning of the spectacular journey known as Fairy Tail starts with the hearts of fourfive individuals (Zera…) looking to birth a guild that values peace and family. A guild where friendship is a relationship formed through more than just words alone. A guild where friends share their hearts. Where they believe in each other unconditionally. Where they have no fear in relying on each other. Where they all have a place to return to. A guild to connect the hearts of one another. Fairy Tail. This is its origin story. A beautiful sad beginning to the wonderful adventures destined to be journeyed.

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