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Bleach Chapter 595 – State Of Heart

Bleach chapter 595 - Kensei and Rose

Mayuri’s experiments seems to be bearing fruit =)

Chapters like this make you miss the Arrancar and how amazingly badass the Espada were (save for the lackluster handling of the top four Espada – including Yammy, at the climax of the Winter War). I don’t really have a problem with Pepe’s ideology of love and how it governs conflict, but the moment he ended up overly expressing his love in a disturbingly excessive fashion, I couldn’t help but find myself incredibly taken aback and bewildered. If Kubo-sensei was going for the “shock-factor”, he definitely achieved that, along with a scene one would want to erase from their memory.

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Bleach Chapter 524 – Unohana vs Zaraki

Bleach chapter 524 - Unohana vs Zaraki

Who will be the one embraced during this dance with death?

What an epic chapter, I am absolutely loving this battle. To finally see Unohana in battle and get more of her character fleshed out, it’s fantastic, and to top is all off, Zaraki is her opponent. Two battle-hungry beast going at it with murderous intent and unleashed intensity, mmmmm I’m very interested to see what happens next and what the outcome of this battle will be as well as its effects.

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Bleach Chapter 522 – It Flows Like This

Bleach Chapter 522 - Ichigo and Renji's sick pose

Ichigo and Renji just got Nimaiya’d, so incredibly hilarious!

Hahah wow, I was not expecting Nimaiya Ouetsu to be so charismatic, hilarious and awesome, what a pleasant surprise. I was expecting him to be serious, somewhat bland and underwhelmingly charismatic, but his introduction this chapter changed that perspective completely, he just oozes out awesomeness. He’s weird, extremely weird, but that’s what makes him so amusing and interesting to watch/follow.

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Bleach Episode 327-328 – Space Control

Bleach Episode 328 - Kageroza's Twisted Smile

It must have taken him lots of practice to get a face that "charming" when he smiles

It really is surprising how entertaining I’m finding this filler arc, it’s great. There is actual mystery, suspense, tension, direction and the action is engaging. I do find with Bleach, especially right now, that the Bleach anime > Bleach manga – I prefer the extra spin Studio Pierrot gives to Bleach. What I find the current manga arc lacks which this filler arc has is focus. I’m somewhat lost in what to think for the Lost Shinigami Representative arc, as Kubo is keeping everything in the shadows, making you question everything and not giving any hints or direction in which to cast your focus – who is the actual “bad guy” in the current arc and what is the story the arc is trying to tell? This filler arc makes it clear what the plot is and what direction it is taking – Kageroza is the villain and he plans to manipulate the space to bring everything under his control.

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