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One Piece chapter 819 - The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance is formed

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[Analysis] One Piece – Wano And Japanese Mythology

One Piece chapter 909 - The land of Wano

Throughout the Wano Kuni Arc, Japanese folklore and mythology has been a characteristic driving force behind the stories being told. The country of Wano itself is deeply inspired by Japan and its environments. Many Japanese folklore and mythological creatures and yokai are represented through the Wano Kuni Arc in some form.

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One Piece chapter 687 - Monet VS Tashigi

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[Timeline] One Piece – Monet

One Piece chapter 687 - Monet VS Tashigi & Zoro

Given this being the day of Monet, I thought it would be fun and insightful to create a timeline for Monet’s story based on what we know so far. While Monet featured primarily only in the Punk Hazard Arc, he role in certain events were critical for her crew. There are also periods of unknown within Monet’s past that would be interesting to have explored, especially with her taking on the role of an undercover agent once she joined the Donquixote Pirates. Besides Dressrosa and Punk Hazard, did Doflamingo have her infiltrate other factions for him?

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[Theory] One Piece – Was Monet’s “Heart” Really Stabbed?

One Piece - Monet - by teebohne (http://teebohne.deviantart.com)

“Yuki-Onna” Monet – by teebohne

I have become really curious as to why Oda-sensei has decided to leave the “heart-stabbing” of Monet in such an ambiguous note. Firstly, Caesar’s stab was quite shallow and only managed to penetrate a few centimeters in the ‘block of flesh’. Secondly, there is more to consider as to whether what Caesar stabbed really was Monet’s “heart”. The fact that the “heart” was contained inside a ‘block of flesh’ and that the stab was shallow suggest that Oda may have left Monet’s “death” on an ambiguous note on purpose because he may have intended to cover her later in the story, be it through the cover page story or the general story of One Piece.

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[Theory] One Piece – Monet Alive + Nakama Theory

One Piece - Monet - drawn by Space Person - colour by Makoto98 (http://makoto98.deviantart.com)

Monet – drawn by Space Person – colour by Makoto98

Monet’s “death” was left quite inconclusive, her heart was stabbed but the stab wound wasn’t that deep, so given that she is a Yuki-Onna and could put herself into a state of suspended animation, should could be saved and subsequently alive. There are also several scenes within the manga that does beg the question, is Monet really dead? And yeah, I’ve become quite obsessed with her character =P.

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