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Bleach Chapter 665-668 – Bankai VS Vollständig

Bleach chapter 668 - Kenpachi VS Gerard

The last Giant character didn’t amount to much, but fortunately Gerard is somewhat intimidating given his defeat foes

Effectively the battle between the Shinigami and Quincy has come down to a battle of Bankai vs Vollständig, where one power ends ups effectively countering the others strength to ultimately defeat the opponent. Against the multiple of characters battling against Yhwach’s Schutzstaffel (Pernida, Askin, Gerard, Lille), the Quincy are initially overwhelmed by one characters abilities but with the release of their Vollständig, they are able to nullify its danger yet are overcome by the release of another characters Bankai (which serves to counter their ability). Formulaic, yes, but not necessarily bad thanks to the stylized and creative approach of Kubo-sensei. Yet unfortunately its use in these four battles have become repetitive and have ultimately diminished the intrigue this battle against the final Schutzstaffel member has.

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Bleach Chapter 574 – Absorbed In Thought

Bleach chapter 574 - Gremmy vs Zaraki

Yip, just slice through anything he imagines…

Is it just me or does anyone else find Gremmy grossly offensive to the sensibilities? I mean like dam, those squinted eyes and pretentious smile just severely rub me the wrong way. If Kubo-sensei intended to create a character that repeatedly grates away at ones sensibilities, he succeeded, magnificently. Gremmy’s whole design, demeanor, attitude, cockiness, dialog, everything about him screams bastard. I can’t say I’m entertained much by his character so far, the arrogant nature central to his personality is pretty much urging my desire of wanting Zaraki/Yachiru to trash him on. Hopefully this battle won’t take much longer for “Zaraki” to wrap up.

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Bleach Chapter 572 – “Fantasy” Boy

Bleach chapter 572 - Fantasy boy

Who is this boy? A Sternritter?

Just when I was thinking how lame it was that we would have another battle being dragged on by parties revealing the secrets to their abilities, we get a shocker of a development in the form of a mysterious boy who ends up effortlessly dispatching Guenael and handling Yachiru like a packet of cookies =/. I honestly have no idea what actually happened, is that boy a Sternritter? If so, then why did he dispose of Guenael, was it because Guenael wasn’t strong enough to defeat his opponents? Well whatever actually happened, with Zaraki on the scene, things are about to be rocked hard!

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Bleach Chapter 571 – Yachiru’s Zanpakutou

Bleach chapter 571 - Yachiru unsheathes her zanpakutou

Yachiru unsheathes her zanpakutou

Finally we are getting to see Yachiru in a fight and she does resemble Zaraki in quite a lot of ways. Her instinctual personality driving her actions and reactions has amusingly ended up being a blind-spot in Sternritter “V”‘s (Gwenael Lee) vanishing point ability and after seeing him attempt to give Yachiru a finishing blow, each time he failed, Yachiru has gotten noticeable faster at reacting and countering Gwenael. Once Yachiru pulled out her zanpakutou, Sanpo Kenjuu, it looked pretty bleak for Gwenael, and after seeing Yachiru pull out her shikai and utilise its ‘copycat’ ability, Gwenael may very well need to power-up if he hopes to stand a chance against this mini-Zaraki. Gwenael probably has some more tricks up his sleeve, but Yachiru will reign supreme in the end, especially if she does have her bankai form achieved – she already knows her zanpakutou’s name, so she may have achieved the bankai form.

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Bleach Chapter 523 – Unohana Yachiru

Bleach Chapter 523 - Unohana vs Zaraki - by rechever3 (http://rechever3.deviantart.com)

The lesson to teach Zaraki the “art of killing” begins – colour by rechever3

Oh wow, I got treated to something real good in this chapter, Unohana Retsu otherwise known as Unohana Yachiru, the first Kenpachi and the one who invented the art of killing. Oh goodness, I have been waiting to for the moment where Unohana is focused on, because she was such a curious character who seemed super strong and now, wow, we find out that she was a founding member of the Gotei 13 and was also regarded as the strongest.

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