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Logan (2017) Review

Logan (film) poster

It starts with an encounter.

This isn’t a story about super heroes, it is a story about humans who come to terms with themselves, their actions, their past, and the decisions they make relevant to the future they have a part in creating. It isn’t a story about good overcoming evil, but one where both qualities are questioned and reflected in each individual. A story where blame is shared with everyone having their respective demons. The message tied within the grim desperation surrounding the events is that of accepting both the good and bad inside you to make the steps necessary to move forward. Logan is a story of liberation, life and humanity.

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X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

X-Men Apocalypse - Apocalypse

Sadly, Apocalypse displays more intrigue in this poster than the film

With the existence of mutants now known, the tension between those without abilities and those with mutations fractures into a divide filled with discrimination and fear. Those with mutations fear the treatment they will suffer at the hands of non-mutants if the truth of their difference were to be revealed and of the monsters they will have to become in order to survive. In fear of others and themselves, they hide. Non-mutants, in fear of those with abilities, develop countermeasures to protect themselves. With this widening divide forcing those with mutations to live in the shadows, the sight of this reality offends the very first mutant, Apocalypse otherwise known as ‘En Sabah Nur’, now awakened from his coma-like state of suspended animation thanks to the efforts of his followers (who believe him to be a God). Coming to terms of the reality of the time, of how mutants have become overshadowed by the weak, Apocalypse resolves to wipe clean the slate of the worlds image and rebuild it again into one ruled by himself and his mutant ‘children’.

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