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Guild Wars 2 – Across The World Of Tyria

Guild Wars 2 - Syphin across the World of Tyria part 1.

And so the journey into the unknown and the start of a fantastically epic adventure begins…

I bought Guild Wars 2 over two weeks ago and have been playing a human Warrior and while Guild Wars 2 had been initial confusing, its gotten seriously addicting this past week. I never played Guild Wars 1 before and I knew nothing about Guild Wars 2 before buying it beyond there being a war and guilds. The reason I actually purchased myself a copy was because the guild I’m in (more like a community) became really active in Guild Wars 2 when the betas were ongoing (Twelve Guild Wars 2 introduction), so deciding to join in playing the game was quite easy – it’s always fun to play games together =D.

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