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Bleach Chapter 502 – Zaraki Kenpachi, Special Weapon #2?

Bleach Chapter 502 - Zaraki Kenpachi - colour by Wish-Man (http://wish-man.deviantart.com)

The battle-hungry beast appears! Zaraki Kenpachi is here! – colour by Wish-Man (http://wish-man.deviantart.com)

Well now, I had a feeling that Byakuya wasn’t finished at the end of the previous chapter, but did he just die in this chapter? I was expecting him to utilise some high level kidou first before he really lost, but wow, he just got demolished by his Senbonzakura Kageyoshi…still did he just die? If so, wow, I was not expecting Kubo-sensei to be so bold, it was sure impacting but I was expecting something more emotionally gripping for a character’s death. But if Byakuya really did die, then well, no character besides Ichigo is really safe…now I’m really looking forward to what else Kubo-sensei has in store for the readers for this “final arc”.

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Bleach Chapter 491-496 – Shades Of War

Bleach Chapter 494 - cover

The Gotei 13; Genryuusai Yamamoto, Sui-Feng, Rose, Unohana, Hirako, Byakuya, Komamura, Shunsui, Kensei, Toushirou, Kenpachi, Mayuri, Ukitake

Wow, so the Quincy were this tough, who would have guessed they would overwhelm the Shinigami to such an extent, although it’s more due to their plan (those “sealing medals”) than their fighting ability which we have only just seen the tip of. Now I begin to wonder, why hasn’t Uryuu shown off such power? Now I understand these Quincy are different from Uryuu but does Uryuu  have the capacity to reach the level where he can dispose of a Gotei 13 vice-captain like s/he was nothing? It certainly will  be interesting to see what Uryuu does during these events.

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Bleach Chapter 486-490 – Buried Secrets

Bleach Chapter 489 - Vandenreich begins to move

So Ichigo was that much of a threat? Smart antagonist

Well now, things sure are tensing up with the beginning of the invasion and Ichigo’s battle against Kirge Opie who has unleashed his Vollstandig Quincy form. Great how things became more mysterious and interesting with the revelation that Yamamoto and the Vandenreich head have a past relationship and that these Quincy guys know about Uryuu – what did Kirge mean? Hmmmm.

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Bleach Chapter 485 – The Fall Of Hueco Mundo

Bleach Chapter 485 -  The Queen Chained - colour by Bl4ckBurn (http://bl4ckburn.deviantart.com)

Hueco Mundo's beauty chained and at the mercy of Vandenreich - colour by Bl4ckBurn (http://bl4ckburn.deviantart.com)

Wow, I’m genuinely shocked and overwhelmingly excited, I was not expecting any of these twists this chapter. Having both Nel and Tier appear in the same chapter after so long, how incredibly awesome, what a great chapter. So Hueco Mundo is now under the Vandenreich’s control, and Tier Harribel has been captured (noooooooooooo!! – is this the reason why the Arrancar have to obey Vandenreich, because they have Hueco Mundo’s Queen?). What despairing circumstances, I hope Tier is saved soon, those Vandenreich guys, especially the King, are bad news, real bad news – he killed his subordinates!

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Bleach Chapter 484 – For The Sake Of Peace

Bleach Chapter 484 - the Empires King

Thats a pretty big cloak he has and he certainly does have some nice boots!

This King sure caught my eye, blowing (?) off one of his underlyings arms in order to stop the fight/squabble that was taking place right in front of him – he sure does stretch the meaning of peace to a strict definition. He seems like the type who would forceful end conflict before it inflates into something huge. While his actions are seemingly contrary to “peace” at first, this King does seem to want to end serious conflict before it begins even if through twisted and perverse means. Plus this guy has one badass character design.

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