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Bleach Chapter 573 – Kenpachi VS Gremmy

Bleach chapter 573 - Zaraki versus Gremmy

Is there anything Gremmy can imagine to counter Zaraki?

I finally figured out what was going on in the previous chapter…I was under the impression that Guenael was a separate Sternritter from Gremmy but after rereading chapter 572 it was so obvious that he was a product of Gremmy’s imagination…ah, how exactly did I miss out on picking that up =/. Well, Gremmy is the “V” Sternritter, the “Visionary” Gremmy. It also seems that Gremmy doesn’t need to construct a separate dimension to allow his imagination ability to come into play, he has the freedom to manifest anything he imagines right into reality. But well, Zaraki Kenpachi is here, and it seems even imagination trembles in the presence of him.

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Bleach Chapter 525-535 – Perpetual Embrace

Bleach ch535 - The Story of Destiny - colour by YesimTekin (http://yesimtekin.deviantart.com)

The Story of Destiny – colour by YesimTekin (http://yesimtekin.deviantart.com)

Someone pinch me…I honestly can’t believe this, but Bleach has become so incredibly enjoyable to read (more then it was), I absolutely love it and this arc in Bleach is definitely what I’ve been waiting for ever since the Arrancar arc turned hollow. This arc is by far my favourite Bleach arc, it represents exactly what Bleach is about and covers [almost] everything I’ve been wanting from Bleach, ah my diminished passion has now been reignited ablaze. Thank you Kubo-sensei.

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Bleach Chapter 524 – Unohana vs Zaraki

Bleach chapter 524 - Unohana vs Zaraki

Who will be the one embraced during this dance with death?

What an epic chapter, I am absolutely loving this battle. To finally see Unohana in battle and get more of her character fleshed out, it’s fantastic, and to top is all off, Zaraki is her opponent. Two battle-hungry beast going at it with murderous intent and unleashed intensity, mmmmm I’m very interested to see what happens next and what the outcome of this battle will be as well as its effects.

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Bleach Chapter 523 – Unohana Yachiru

Bleach Chapter 523 - Unohana vs Zaraki - by rechever3 (http://rechever3.deviantart.com)

The lesson to teach Zaraki the “art of killing” begins – colour by rechever3

Oh wow, I got treated to something real good in this chapter, Unohana Retsu otherwise known as Unohana Yachiru, the first Kenpachi and the one who invented the art of killing. Oh goodness, I have been waiting to for the moment where Unohana is focused on, because she was such a curious character who seemed super strong and now, wow, we find out that she was a founding member of the Gotei 13 and was also regarded as the strongest.

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