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Diablo III – The End of Days (Part II)

DiabloIII - Syphin - Screenshot043

Syphin – The Hero of Diablo! =P

Ended up logging off when I reached level 11, I just couldn’t fight the sandman’s alluring and beckoning call to dreamland. Running around and dousing off only to open your eyes a few moments later to find yourself in the middle of a mass of monsters and/or half-way across the map…you know then that you’ve had enough and it’s time to sleep…

When I logged back in I decided to try out the cooperative mode with a few of my guild mates. I became immensely interested in it when I seen just how fast they were leveling their characters in that mode compared to me going at it solo =D. And certainly playing cooperative mode along with the fun you can share with other people, makes it much easier to level and progress through content. And another great thing about the cooperative mode is that you have the option to give your team mates rare loots that are useless to your character class and vice versa for them.

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Diablo III – The End of Days (Part I)


Diablo III – Death and destruction plague the land engulfed by chaos and darkness. The foretold end days has begun its countdown unto it’s existence…

I am shocked at how smooth everything in the game comes together; from the ease at which it is to pick up and play this game (it’s ridiculously easy), the overwhelming fun that you get when you play it; the fact that even with its ease to play there is so much depth in how things work and are set-up. I’m beginning to wonder just how did Blizzard end up refining this game so much? Ah and I’m only at the start! (well a couple of hours in, but it’s the beginning – my monk is level 10).

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Diablo III – It Has Begun!

Diablo III - Syphin - Monk

“…attacks faster than the eye can follow…” – mmm Monk’s are badass

Got my copy of Diablo III today and hahah had to visit several stores until I could find one, the first two didn’t have them in stock =(. Fortunately Dick Smith did =D. Ended up playing Diablo II: Lord of Destruction a few days ago just to refresh my memory of the story and the gameplay, it was fun running around as a Sorceress. Anyway the installing did take some time but finally in the game! Oh so I thought…forgot I had to wait until America reached midnight of the 15th of May =(. Anyway I can log in now, but wow so many session/request time outs…

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