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One Piece Chapter 763 – The Madness Of Humans

One Piece chapter 763 - the madness of humans

When does it end?

It is saddening to see what circumstance can do to individuals and their treatment of others humans. The Tenryuubito molded by their circumstance of being rulers imposed their superiority over others without a care, this is turn molded their victims (normal humans) by the suffering they experienced at the hands of the Tenryuubito. The victims of the Tenryuubito in turn expressed their rage and despair onto the fallen Tenryuubito molding them into vessels of revenge too. The chain of madness embracing humans continues even further towards a seemingly never-ending bottom. Doflamingo, the victim of people’s rage towards the Tenryuubito expressed his rage onto the people of Dressrosa, which in turn made the Dressrosa citizens express their rage and anger onto the Riku Family, namely Rebecca.

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One Piece Chapter 744 – Sabo Makes His Move

One Piece chapter 744 - Sabo, Koala and Hack

Sabo reveals himself! The second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army

What an unbelievably amazing chapter that was thoroughly satisfying to read. Sabo was able to make himself the victor of the Corrida Colosseum and finally consume the Mera Mera no Mi. Those “dragon” themed attacks of his can now become even more fantastical and magical with the Mera Mera no Mi fire powers. Back down in the Underground Trading Port, Usopp has become a god to those cast into the pits of despair when they were enslaved by Doflamingo, but now with Usopp having saved them; their joy, gratitude and happiness is all directly associated with Usopp. From a lie told out of insecurity in the past, Usopp now has the army he always dreamed of having. And their first target of wrath is the SMILE factory.

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