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One Piece Chapter 900 – The Drug Called Deliciousness

One Piece chapter 900 - The Big Mom Pirates 2

The madness of what could be…

What terror. What destruction. What malignity. What madness. What deliciousness. What a reaction. Arriving along with the 900th chapter is the end of the Straw Hat Pirates or so it was portrayed as being. The Straw Hat Pirates weren’t destroyed, well more accurately, they can’t be, which in turn leaves the developments in the current chapter very curious. Why were such events shown? How do these events add to the story of this arc and move it forward? Did what we see really happen? Such questions beg answers and what we will most likely get is the answer being an imagined scenario manifested within the minds of the disillusioned.

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[Analysis] One Piece – When Will Big Mom Be Defeated?

One Piece chapter 851 - Big Mom

The inevitable battle between Luffy and Big Mom nears closer and closer

Big Mom and the other Yonko were foreshadowed years ago but it was only until the Fishman Island Arc that she began to become relevant when it was revealed that Charlotte Linlin is the one “protecting” Fishman Island. By the end of the Fishman Island Arc, Big Mom became an immediate threat with Luffy challenging Big Mom and declaring his intention to defeat her and take Fishman Island from her.  It took around 5 years since her relevance to Fishman Island was revealed for the story to shift focus onto the Big Mom Pirates and Big Mom. With the story finally in an Arc centered around the Big Mom Pirates, will we see the defeat of a Yonko before the end of it? Or will Big Mom continue to remain relevant as a major antagonist after the conclusion of the Totto Land Arc?

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One Piece Chapter 847 – Big Mom’s Library

One Piece Chapter 847 - Big Mom's Library

My goodness, how many poor souls are trapped inside those books?

Big Mom’s definitely gone and done it now, uttering that very phrase in front of Luffy which has spelt the doom of a many who have come before. Despite the situation, despite the gap in power, despite the difference in status, despite the numbers, despite the varying experiences, whenever anyone challenges Luffy to the title of the Pirate King, a raging fire ignites within him subsequently consuming those challenging him. Big Mom has made a mistake, keeping Luffy alive has just sealed her fate. Once Luffy is free, he won’t let things slide; on top of Big Mom being a danger to Fishman Island, on top of Big Mom taking Sanji away, she now stands in Luffy way on the path to becoming Pirate King. And lets not forget, once Luffy finds out what Big Mom did to Jinbe, he will not forgive her.

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