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Fairy Tail Chapter 396 – Gajeel VS Torafusa

Fairy Tail chapter 396 - Torafusa's black water of darkness

Now we talking! Seeing Fairy Tail mages pushed to the extremes of their abilities is always exciting!

I was curious to see how Torsafusa and Tempesta would mount a counter attack on Natsu and Gajeel when they were so fired up, and it looks like Torafusa still had more to show after all. To be able to summon a massive body of water to cover such a large volume of space, that curse of Torafusa’s is quite something. Gajeel with the limited oxygen he has definitely has his work cut out for him but thanks to Levy, his life was saved allowing him to continue fighting.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 395 – Dragon Slayers VS Demons

Fairy Tail chapter 395 - Natsu and Gajeel VS Tempesta and Torafusa

Natsu and Gajeel VS Tempesta and Torafusa

What an ominous title for the beginning of the fifth part of the Tartarus arc – Extreme Pain. Will Fairy Tail really be alright against Tartarus and their plan to active several thousand Continental Magic Pulse Bombs (Face) simultaneously? Despite Fairy Tail being a match for Zeref’s demons and overcoming several of them already, what is this odd feeling that Mard Geer won’t completely fail by the end of this arc =/. Whom will end up feeling “extreme pain”? Does it have anything to do with Natsu and his relation to E.N.D? I am incredibly eager to find out how this exhilarating arc will conclude.

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