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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 53 – Kurokiba Ryou

Shokugeki no Soma ch53 - Sendawara Natsume 3

Kurokiba Ryou teasing Natsume

So his name is Kurokiba Ryou, what an exciting introduction to the type of cooking he stylizes in. I have to admit, Ryou is quite the badass character, he has an awesome character design and his personality shift when he wears his bandana around his head is a cool quirk he has. It was amusing seeing him talk back to Natsume in such a manner and ultimately prey on her concealed desires of lusting after his dish once she had the first few bites. Also establishing Ryou as having grown up on the battlefield of cooking really demonstrates what a dangerous man Ryou is within the current student year group of Tootsuki Academy.

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