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One Piece Chapter 755 – Unleash The Manliness

One Piece chapter 755 - Hardboiled Franky and Senor Pink

In another time these two could have been friends

My goodness, I can’t even think clearly because the overwhelming dose of manliness from Franky and Senor Pink has sent my senses into a climax of both awe and horror. Did what just happen actually happen? It’s chilling trying to rationalise what just took place but the amusing nature of the events beckons one to continue wondering. Ultimately though, through countless events of zaniness, a battle between “man” has erupted.

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One Piece Chapter 726 – Rebecca’s Father

One Piece chapter 726 - double page colour spread

The freedom of adventure

Oh wow, I was under the impression that Gladiator Ricky was Rebecca’s father but that turned out to not exactly be the case. Gladiator Ricky is actually the former king of Dressrosa, Riku Dold III, Rebecca’s grandfather. The person who I thought was the former king of Dressrosa was the Thunder Soldier, but he is in fact Rebecca’s father. I had expected as much that the Thunder Soldier was related to Rebecca in such a way and most likely the Thunder Soldier is the legendary gladiator Kyros.

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