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One Piece Chapter 943 – The Despair Known As SMILE

One Piece chapter 943 - SMILEs

Finally the truth behind SMILEs is revealed…

What tragic treatment of people by the representative who was meant to protect them. For the leader of Wano Kuni to treat his people as disposable as garbage, how utterly inhumane. I expected Orochi to behave in such a deplorable manner but even with that expectation, it is still hard to comprehend that a person can go through with such cruelty. Orochi knowingly included the failed SMILE’s in the left over food for the outer Wano villages and intentionally desired them to consume the fruits and have their emotions stripped away save for smiling and laughing. All because Orochi considered their grieving for their deceased loved ones an inconvenience and annoyance. How far will Orochi morally fall before he is satisfied?

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