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One Piece Chapter 964 – The World Beyond The Borders

One Piece Chapter 964 - Oden's desperation to see the world beyond Wano Kuni

The desire for the unknown

Oden’s desperation for adventure borderlines Luffy’s excitement for it. Despite the price of its admission, their obsession towards such an unfiltered experience overwhelms any sort of rationale surrounding the decision. Unconcerned of any consequence, the path forward for such individuals is one solely focused on the sight before them. If experiencing the world meant leaving the nation illegally, stowing aboard a ship uninterested in taking you and holding onto a chain dragged across the ocean for three days, an individual like Oden would wholeheartedly throw himself at such an opportunity which is exactly what Oden did. That is just how much the desire to adventure means to individuals like Oden.

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One Piece Chapter 920 – The Samurai Who Traveled Through Time

One Piece chapter 920 - Kozuki Oden

Who is Orochi to Oden?

What a dangerous precedent to be set, for a Devil Fruit to have the ability to allow the user to send people into the future. Can we now expect characters renowned in the past who suddenly disappeared at some point in the past to appear again at some point in the future. How can we track which character is still relevant when a past historic character could have been sent flying into the future to land in the current time the story is focused on? Will it be isolated to just the Wano Kuni arc or will the Toki Toki no Mi have implications extending way beyond the land of the Samurai?

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