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Naruto Chapter 596 – The Copy Ninja Kakashi

Naruto Chapter 596 - Kakashi - colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (http://iitheyahikodarkii.deviantart.com)

Kakashi means business! – colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (http://iitheyahikodarkii.deviantart.com)

So a crack did appear on Tobi’s mask! A shame I missed that on my initial read of the previous chapter but I did pick up on it when I re-read the chapter. Had a feeling it was Kakashi’s chakra-infused kunai that caused the crack rather than Naruto’s attack but wow, how awesome was it that Kakashi was able to analyse such a development so thoroughly and come up with a theory that proved effective against Tobi. Had a feeling that Kakashi’s Kamui and Tobi’s space-time migration jutsu were connected, so excited to see what’s going to happen now.

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Naruto – The Man Called Tobi (Part II)

Naruto Chapter 520 -Tobi and Kabuto - colour by Kasukiii (http://kasukiii.deviantart.com)

Tobi and Kabuto – colour by Kasukiii (http://kasukiii.deviantart.com)

Just a thought, we now know that Madara awakened his Rinnegan before he died in the past, what if he ended using the “Creation of All Things” jutsu which the Rikudou Sennin used to separate the Juubi, to create Tobi?

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Naruto Chapter 595 – The Man Called Tobi

Naruto Chapter 595 Color Spread - Naruto and Tobi - colour by Kasukiii and Bl4ckBurn (http://kasukiii.deviantart.com/)

Naruto vs Tobi, the man known as “no one” – colour by Bl4ckBurn and Kasukiii

What an intense chapter, all the pages dedicated to Naruto, Kakashi, Guy and Hachibi attempting to catch Tobi off guard and expose an opening to counter him. Ultimately they weren’t able to hit Tobi let alone even touch him with all their attack plans but they were able to avoid Tobi absorbing Naruto so that’s counts for something. Still in this situation where they don’t understand Tobi’s ability, just how will they proceed? And what is up with Tobi anyway, I’m hungry for his back-story or some explanation behind this man shrouded in mystery who considers him self “no one”.

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Road To Ninja: Naruto The Movie Special Chapter

Naruto - Road To Ninja Special Chapter - colour spread

Bring on the movie, this colour spread has got me beyond excited

What an amusing and heart-warming special chapter, I love it. Now I’m looking forward to this movie even more! Great to see the main cast of characters back together again even if for some random fun, but hahah, what random fun it was, and you could say it was even more “revealing” then your normal Naruto chapter =).

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Naruto Chapter 594 – That’s My Dream!

Naruto Chapter 594 - Infinite Tsukuyomi - colour by Kasukiii (http://kasukiii.deviantart.com)

Infinite Tsukuyomi – a world free from individuality – colour by Kasukiii (http://kasukiii.deviantart.com)

Well that chapter was certainly epic, especially considering the whole chapter was solely focused on the dealings of Naruto and Co., and ah it’s great to see Kakashi again, I missed him =). This battle between Naruto and Tobi has turned into a clash of beliefs; both believe in the “truths” they follow and both are laying down everything in pursuit of their “dreams” although Tobi’s dream is itself is to place everybody in a neverending “dream”, well illusion to be more precise. The more I see Tobi’s desire to “end reality” the more I’m curious toward the reasons behind such a desire, just what happened to Tobi in the past to make him this way?

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Naruto Chapter 590-593 – Eyes Open

Naruto Chapter 590 - I Love You Forever - colour by Narutospoiler (http://narutospoiler.deviantart.com)

A brother’s love forever supporting and embracing him – colour by Narutospoiler (http://narutospoiler.deviantart.com)

I enjoyed that Itachi and Sasuke farewell a lot, it was quite moving, especially when the reader was reminded of the suffering Itachi had to endure to protect that which he loved. Just like his best friend, Shisui, Itachi also dwelled within the shadows and followed the path of self-sacrifice, all for the sake of Konoha, the Uchiha clan, and peace. Sasuke began to change after he realised all of this and as the reader has seen, he has started to think about the bigger picture and questioning things he doesn’t understand, rather then attaching blind reasons and hatred onto.

In a world where he thought he had nothing, he has come to realise that he does actually have something…something very precious and important, his brother’s love. And although he may not realise it yet, Sasuke also has something else, his best friend’s, Naruto’s, love. Sasuke has blinded himself from the reality of things for so long, but now with the reality of what’s happening right in his face (Itachi’s actions)…all he has left to do is accept it, and move forward.

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Naruto Chapter 544-545 – His Saviors

Naruto Chapter 544 - Kusina, Minato and Naruto - coloured by darkalx

The Suns that power him, the people who saved him, the parents which love him...

Great chapters, especially chapter 544 – Naruto reveals the weight behind his resolve and determination and expresses just how much belief he has in himself thanks to his father and mother. You can tell Naruto has attained a harmonious balance in himself since meeting his father and mother (for the first time). Now that he understands how much love was surrounding him and how much faith they have put in him, he has begun to see and accept the role he must play. The role of savior, the role handed to him by the previous savior who left everything to Naruto. It’s heartwarming to see the overwhelming and overflowing love present between Naruto and his parents. They left him on a path filled with pain and suffering, but Naruto doesn’t blame them and isn’t angry at them, instead he understands their decision and realises the sacrifice they made for him. The love they have for him and the faith they put in him, that is all Naruto can see. Two Suns, Suns that shine on him and power him to go to any length to protect the things precious to him. A relationship so radiant, it’s moving…

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