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One Piece Chapter 890 – The Straw Hat Pirates VS Big Mom

One Piece chapter 890 - Jinbe lands an attack Big Mom

What will be interesting is whether Jinbe’s attacks will evolve through the remainder of the story

With Big Mom’s hunger growing so to is her fury which is now erupting onto the Straw Hat Pirates. As she rampages on board the Thousand Sunny, you can feel the desperation within Big Mom’s anger and see just how single-minded she has become. Intent on tasting the Wedding Cake, she has become unconcerned with her own well-being and is pushing herself passed her limits in hopes of satisfying the abyss that is her appetite. Oblivious to the truth, Big Mom continues to rage, without end. Burning through her vitality, tiring her body and most importantly deepening the hunger eating away at her being, Big Mom is straining herself beyond the familiar and into the unknown. How long will Big Mom last? And how satisfying with the taste of the Wedding Cake be when she does inevitably end up eating it?

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