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Fairy Tail – Irene Belserion, A Mother’s Sacrifice

Irene Belserion - colour by Silestiya18 (http://silestiya18.deviantart.com)

Just you wait Irene, your daughter will save you – colour by Silestiya18

There are certain developments within Fairy Tail that I believe so strongly will happen that I can’t help but theorize about and structure my very perception around. Developments that arrest my thoughts and beckon my heart deeply and intensely. Among them is Irene Belserion being saved from her centuries long suffering and pain. For Irene to get the opportunity to feel human again and to experience what it is like to be a mother. I believe wholeheartedly in this.

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[Theory] One Piece – How Will Monet Become Relevant To The Story?

One Piece chapter 683 - Monet and Luffy

I am still curious as to why Luffy didn’t want to fight seriously against Monet

I believe Monet is currently heading towards Dressrosa, but there are some other events which I believe took place during the time on Punk Hazard that will force Monet to interact with the Straw Hat Pirates again.

With there being evidence that Monet’s heart may not have been fully stabbed and still beating, one begins to wonder whatever happened to it while it was still at the harbor of Punk Hazard?

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[Theory] One Piece – Monet’s Loyalty To Doflamingo

One Piece chapter 694 - Monet

There is so much mystery surrounding Monet…

Given the way Monet was prepared to sacrifice herself for her captain, there is certainly a deep level of loyalty between Monet and Doflamingo. But what exactly founded such a loyalty and what keeps Monet maintaining such a loyalty towards Doflamingo?

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[Theory] One Piece – Is Monet Evil And Irredeemable?

One Piece chapter 681 - Monet and Joker

What does Monet really mean with that statement?

I honestly don’t think Monet is evil, she may have helped Caesar during his experiments, but she was only carrying out the orders she was given by her captain and ultimately Monet was never shown to kill anyone. Her actions were conveyed as being incredibly ambiguous by Oda, and I have been wondering, why exactly would Oda do such a thing?

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[Theory] One Piece – Evidence Against Monet Being Dead

One Piece - Monet art 2

The ambiguity behind the appearance of “certainty”

Many believe that Monet’s apparent death scene is one of the most clear-cut cases of a character being killed in One Piece – “heart being stabbed”. I disagree with the usual interpretation of the scene in question and feel Monet’s death is one of the most ambiguous deaths in One Piece, mainly because Oda structured the scene in a way to make it appear as if Caesar had [fully] stabbed Monet’s heart, but in actuality, he only managed to graze the “block of flesh”.

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[Theory] One Piece – What Luffy Wants

One Piece chapter 733 - Yuki-Onna?

The Strawhat Pirates take a break in the snow

Throughout One Piece Luffy has come across many things which excite and mesmerize him, some of which he has repeatedly mentioned wanting. For the most part, he has gotten what he wants, such as a navigator, a cook, a doctor, beams, a robot, a skeleton, a musician. But there are still two things Luffy currently doesn’t have which he has repeatedly shown excitement for throughout the One Piece manga (well three if you include meat when it runs out).

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[Theory] One Piece – Monet Alive + Nakama Theory

One Piece - Monet - drawn by Space Person - colour by Makoto98 (http://makoto98.deviantart.com)

Monet – drawn by Space Person – colour by Makoto98

Monet’s “death” was left quite inconclusive, her heart was stabbed but the stab wound wasn’t that deep, so given that she is a Yuki-Onna and could put herself into a state of suspended animation, should could be saved and subsequently alive. There are also several scenes within the manga that does beg the question, is Monet really dead? And yeah, I’ve become quite obsessed with her character =P.

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One Piece – Don Chinjao

One Piece chapter 708 - Don Chinjao - colour by GiA-SeCaNdO92 (http://seireiart.deviantart.com)

The former pirate with a bounty over 500 million beli, Don Chinjao – colour by GiA-SeCaNdO92

Edit: Theory was made when chapter 716 was the latest One Piece chapter. After chapter 719 it was revealed what Chinjao’s “precious fortune” was. It was worth a try to theorise was it was beforehand, but my theory missed completely. Oh Oda-sensei, nice surprise you had for us with Chinjao’s flashbacks.

It was interesting to learn about this “precious fortune” Garp stole from Chinjao and how along with his power, the fond memories of his golden years were also stolen. More then Chinjao wanting to beat Luffy up in place of Garp, he wants Garp to feel how it feels to lose something precious to a person.

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