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Bleach Chapter 670-678 – Amalgamation

Bleach chapter 676 - Ichigo VS Yhwach

As Ichigo continues to evolve it is going to be amusing to see Yhwach sink more and more into despair

So we’ve finally made it to the climatic battle; Ichigo in all his glory, growth and experiences has challenged the conceited King of the Quincy, Yhwach, to prevent the Human World and Soul Society from falling into non-existence. With himself as the last shield against the end of two worlds, Ichigo perseveres, he struggles, he despairs and inevitably he will evolve. Yhwach with his All his Might and philosophical taunting of hope, future and grains of sand has ultimately manifested a blind spot within his own abilities by believing himself to be unchallengeable. Regardless of Ichigo’s current state, he will prevail and Yhwach will have a hand in his own defeat.

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Bleach Chapter 609 – The Almighty

Bleach chapter 609 - The Almighty

Of course Yhwach had something like that up his sleeve to turn a hopeless situation completely around

So he finally reveals his true self, the man capable of bleaching out the blackest black. I was waiting for this all the while wondering how exactly Yhwach will go about turning around the hopeless situation he found himself in against Ichibei. Getting overwhelmed by Ichibei was just a step in overcoming him, thanks to the ability Yhwach has in managing to understand the workings of any powers while perceiving it or so Haschwalth says. Yhwach was able to nullify Ichibei’s power on himself at the end and instantly turn the tables on the situation. I’m sure Ichibei spilling the beans regarding his abilities helped as well but I suppose even if Ichibei omitted expressing any words to Yhwach and focused solely on crushing him, the result would have still been same. Such a shame that Ichibei was forced to face such an opponent, one not able to be defeated until the main character is ready.

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