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Fairy Tail Chapter 380 – Sayla Unleashed

Fairy Tail chapter 380 - Sayla limit release - colour by belucEn (http://belucen.deviantart.com)

Sayla demon form limiter release – colour by belucEn

Thanks to the element of the Tartarus demons being able to be revived at the resurrection lab in Cube, the Mirajane and Sayla battle became significantly more meaningful, especially when Lamy spilled the beans and revealed the purpose of the lab, “Hell’s Core”. The way Mirajane dealt with the lab and Tartarus’s ability to revive themselves was quite surprising and impressive, I certainly did not expect Mirajane to have taken control of the tentacle thing in the lab, but regardless, seeing Mirajane destroy the reviving containers with Ezel and Franmalth inside was totally satisfying. The main highlight of the chapter though was Sayla and her released demon form, she overwhelmed Mirajane (in her Sitri form) instantaneously after transforming, it was shockingly good. The appearance of the Tartarus Demon King, topped off an already great chapter with another exciting development.

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Fairy Tail 371 – Fairy Tail Fight Back

Fairy Tail chapter 371 - Erza Scarlet - Payback - colour by i-azu (http://i-azu.deviantart.com)

Erza’s Payback – colour by i-azu

What an incredible chapter, I enjoyed every single panel of it, from Tartarus’s wide self-satisfied smiles to seeing it slowly turn to faces filled with worry, concern and unease as Fairy Tail does the unexpected shocking the conceit right out of the demons attitude. Cana was particularly badass this chapter along with Mira and Erza. I was expecting Cana to borrow and use Fairy Glitter to do something about the lacrima explosion but she surprised me by relying on her own Card Magic, which I had totally underestimated, and found a way to get all the Fairy Tail members in the building out of harms way. Was also great seeing Happy, Carla and Patherlily helping out with the escape plan – the cat really does have Tartarus’s tongue =P. Mira and Erza turning the tables on their captives was badass, looking forward to the next chapter a lot and seeing them in action =D.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 365 – Jellal, The Target Of Tartarus

Fairy Tail chapter 365 - Where is Jellal - colour by EspadaZero (http://espadazero.deviantart.com)

The one man between an era of terror and the hope for a future – colour by EspadaZero

Well that was an epic chapter, fist-pumpingly, excitement-satisfyingly epic. Goodness, I can’t stop smiling. Just when I thought things were looking bad for Fairy Tail, Natsu, like a raging inferno, ignites the skies with his anger and rains molten fury down on Tartarus. An amazingly set-up entrance executed epically by Mashima-sensei, Natsu was such a badass this chapter. More relevantly though, we find out that the last surviving mage related to the seal on Face is Jellal.

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