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One Piece chapter 687 - Monet VS Tashigi

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[Timeline] One Piece – Monet

One Piece chapter 687 - Monet VS Tashigi & Zoro

Given this being the day of Monet, I thought it would be fun and insightful to create a timeline for Monet’s story based on what we know so far. While Monet featured primarily only in the Punk Hazard Arc, he role in certain events were critical for her crew. There are also periods of unknown within Monet’s past that would be interesting to have explored, especially with her taking on the role of an undercover agent once she joined the Donquixote Pirates. Besides Dressrosa and Punk Hazard, did Doflamingo have her infiltrate other factions for him?

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One Piece Chapter 758 – Sniper King Usopp

One Piece chapter 758 - Sniper King Usopp

With reasons behind his actions, the King of Snipers emerges…

Just when you think nothing could top the “God” Usopp moment, Oda-sensei comes and reveals the “Sniper King” Usopp. With a desire to save his captain and the urgency to put a stop to Sugar (again), Usopp lines up his shot from an outrageous distance with the help of Viola’s senrigan and out of no where, the miracle of Kenbunshoku Haki awakens in Usopp allowing him to land a perfect trauma shot on Sugar, knocking her out (again). Everything from the set-up to the execution to the situation was perfect, the representation of Usopp as the Sniper King was amazingly portrayed by Oda-sensei. Viola said it best, absolutely amazing (with a shocked expression and hand over the mouth).

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One Piece Chapter 742 – The Forgotten Man

One Piece chapter 742 - Kyros cuts his own leg

How unexpected, so this is how Kyros lost his left leg

Developments sure transpired quickly this chapter, especially Kyros’s flashback and Sugar’s “demise”. But I don’t mind at all, with those relevant developments out of the way now, we can finally get into the climax of the arc – the battle with Doflamingo. And concerning that battle, with everything Doflamingo has done and the amount of people he has forced to suffer, he so NEEDS an ass-kicking this arc. Regardless of how strong and capable Doflamingo is, this arc has built him up as a villain who has accumulated too many sins to let escape or have another arc without getting his just deserts this arc. And with the cliff-hanger this chapter, Usopp has ensured that Doflamingo is half-way on his way to receiving his beating.

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One Piece Chapter 741 – The Legendary Hero

One Piece chapter 741 - color spread

Another awesome colour spread from Oda, love it!

About time Usopp threw his cowardice to the wind and got his courage together! I was waiting and waiting and waiting and now finally the unbearableness of his cowardice got through to Usopp forcing him to face his fears and stop running away. Usopp may yet still become the ‘brave warrior of the seas’ he dreams of being and amusingly he may just get that army of followers he also dreamed of having. The other legendary hero, Kyros, recalls memories of the past and the immense debt he owes King Riku. It’s tragic really, Kyros has been suffering from such a young age and even now, he is still suffering. What strength and will power lies in this man who is able to endure so much hate and negativity and still selflessly push forward with the sole intent of helping others irrespective of whether he loses his life. I can’t help but admire the man.

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One Piece Chapter 738 – Operation SOP Failed?

One Piece chapter 738 - Trebol's anger

The Beta Beta no Mi is surprisingly a powerful Devil Fruit

Well that was a great chapter, from having some doubt about Sugar’s and Trébol fighting potential as high-ranking executives within the Donquixote Pirates, this chapter has proved quite nicely that they are serious opponents and dangerous ones at that. Sad that the plan dwarves had prepared didn’t work out, but it was too be expected, nothing really works out as planned when the Strawhats are involved =D. The attention given to Robin this chapter was amazing, I loved how she drew Trébol away from Sugar and even managed to give Trébol the slip once he found out she was deceiving him.

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One Piece Chapter 732 – Within The Shadows Of Dressrosa

One Piece chapter 732 - Undercover Robin and Usopp

Undercover Robin (got to love them sunglasses) and Usopp

The Sugar surprise panic strategy has begun and with that so has the most important part of the arc, depending on what happens here, tremendous shock waves will be sent throughout the world. How exactly will the Strawhats and their alliances stop the Donquixote underground trading port and the SMILE factory? And how can such a massive underground trading port exist and function without the World Government knowing about it? I look forward to having these questions answered. Also Oda-sensei is one sly man, I noticed that Christmas present in the final double spread page as well as the hinting of ‘Santa’s-little-workshop’ going on, a very fitting chapter to end things at for the week of Christmas (ho ho ho – where is Brook when you need him, /sadface).

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One Piece Chapter 731 – Welcome Back Sabo and Koala

One Piece chapter 731 - Ace's will

Creating waves all around the world, Ace’s death and those carrying on his will

I was wondering how Oda-sensei would follow-up the magnificent chapter of last week and my goodness, my freaking goodness, he did it, he shocked us even more and left us in awe once again, in a complete and euphoric state of awe. I can’t believe he was able to get all of that in a 19 page chapter, so many developments took place, what a mangaka Oda-sensei. Ah I am tearing up, I was hoping Sabo would appear this arc and I was hoping Koala would appear at some point during the story but both together in the same chapter, ah I can’t help but be left in a state of numb. And as such the extent and sheer weight of how glorious these developments are has not fully been realised by my body yet, but even so, my ear-to-ear wide smile is reacting overwhelmingly. Oh man, Luffy has another reason to smash Doflamingo’s face in now, Mingo is so going down.

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