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One Piece Chapter 872 – The Fall Of Wholecake Chateau

One Piece chapter 872 - Wholecake Chateau falls

I really thought the castle was already made out of cake =P

The Tamatebako explosion has damaged the base of Wholecake Chateau causing it to collapse towards the town. In order to save the Big Mom Pirates, Streusen utilises his Devil Fruit ability to change the Wholecake Chateau into cream and sponge ultimately negating the damage the Big Mom Pirates and the citizens would have received from the fall of the Chateau. Having become such a relevant character recently, Streusen’s story will most definitely have a hand in Big Mom’s eventual defeat. Big Mom herself will also likely assist in her own demise as a result of her rage mode. Could Big Mom go so far as eating one of her children while in that state – she has eaten people before while in a frenzied state?

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One Piece Chapter 868 – Falling To Pieces

One Piece chapter 868 - Plan failed

What an overpowered rage blast

As much as I wanted the plan to succeed and go off without a stutter, it is as expected, the whole plan went to the dogs. Big Mom’s rage went beyond expectations, and as a result the KX Launcher missiles failed to penetrate her Haki and unfortunately for Caesar, his moment to be the hand of divinity reaching down to save ‘the less blessed’ plebs was prematurely cut short before it even began with the mirror he was in possession of shattering and sealing their escape path. With the Big Mom Pirates having reorganised themselves and Big Mom having directed all her rage towards the Straw Hat Pirates, will a straight-up versus’s scenario play out or are there other factors at work that will define the flow of the current chaos?

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