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Game Of Thrones Season Two

Game of Thrones - Intro

A Clash of Kings

Been waiting for this since last year and it was so worth the wait. Ended up waiting for all 10 episodes to air before I started watching it because it would have been just too painful waiting a week for each episode once you have gotten that initial taste, that glorious, engrossing and epic initial taste. And what a season this was, the new characters introduced and the existing characters developed on, all of them were handled amazingly and those shock-awe moments, man were they unexpected and sudden, I certainly did not expect most of those twists to occur at those times. Still I miss Ned Stark severely, ah, he was such a fantastic character.

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Game Of Thrones Season One – Epic

Game of Thrones - Poster

Winter is coming…

It would be a crime for Game of Thrones and epic not to be used in the same sentence, because that is basically what Game of Thrones is, epic; intensely and powerfully epic. Adult fantasy describes it well at it’s core, but there is a lot more going on. The story, characters and the Game of Thrones world are rich and all those elements come together magnificently in the series.

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