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Bleach Chapter 649-653 – Shadow Play V [Sinners + Memories]

Bleach chapter 651 - Shinken Hakkyouken

The blade that reflects the power of the Gods, Shinken Hakkyouken

Colour me surprised, I did not expect this battle to be the foundation of a revelation concerning Nanao, especially one that links back deeply to her very past. A past that deals with Nanao’s mother (and his older brother), a promise Shunsui made with her and why he has two zanpakutous. At the brink of hopelessness Shunsui finds through his memories and Nanao, a reason to carry on and to continue challenging the seemingly undefeatable “God”. Nanao recognised her mother’s desire, but just as her mother exercised her own will, Nanao chose to accept the curse of the Ise and embrace it wholeheartedly in order to attain the power necessary to protect that which she loves. The Shinken Hakkyouken, the blade which reflects the abilities of the Gods.

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Bleach Chapter 648 – Shadow Play IV [Abyss]

Bleach chapter 648 - Third Dan: Dangyo's Abyss

Shunsui actives his Third Dan ability, Dangyo’s Abyss

The wait was worth it. Oh, how satisfying it is to see Shunsui’s Bankai and what it is capable of and despite seeing a good portion of what it can do, Shunsui is still not done revealing exactly what it is capable of. Even with the ability to pierce anything and to distort injuries to himself, Lille is currently overwhelmed by the mysterious and intense nature of Shunsui’s Bankai. With every action of Lille’s having a shadowed consequence, can he even do anything to escape the madness he has found himself submerged in?

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Bleach Chapter 647 – Shadow Play III [Bankai]

Bleach chapter 647 - Kyouraku unleashes his Bankai


I have been waiting for this moment, this epic, soul-shattering moment that unleashes a Bankai that couldn’t be released in fear of dragging fellow allies into its enigmatic effects. For Shunsui to consider his Bankai his last resort, what exactly is the nature of it and how severe are its exact effects on those caught up in its rules? The reluctance of Shunsui wanting to unleash it and instead opting to try any tactic not his Bankai has me incredibly intrigued in what happens now with it unleashed. Lille may perceive himself some holy entity, but that smug arrogance he has deluding his sensibilities has him destined for a dramatically intense defeat.

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