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One Piece Chapter 1021 - Robin's Demon Bloom takes out Black Maria

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One Piece Chapter 1021 – Robin VS Black Maria: Demonic Bloom

Vigilant one should be in the presence of a will backed into a corner. Expectations can often become the debilitating web ensnaring ones judgment. Such was the case for Black Maria who seduced herself with her own ego, delusion and power. The projection she created dominated her perspective and shackled her foresight. Caution evaporated and left imprudence to pilot her actions. So entrenched was Black Maria by her arrogance, the thought of being overwhelmed by Robin became an impossibility. And within that absence of anticipation, a blind spot was spawned. Black Maria faced impossibility and could do little against the crumbling of her judgment. She was wrong and within her psychological descent, the terror known as “Devil Child” Robin overwhelmed Black Maria. Robin has won. And the Beast Pirates suffer another critical blow.

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One Piece chapter 970 - Oden unleashes his rage

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One Piece Chapter 970 – Oden VS Kaido

One Piece chapter 970 - Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards VS The Beast Pirates

Even Kaido was afraid of Oden

Based on the events that happened, it is apparent that Oden overwhelmed Kaido and if not for Orochi’s deceptive tactics, it is likely that Kaido would have suffered more than just that wound. But unfortunately war involves more than singular battles with an outcome instead decided by the overall usage of the pieces available for use. Orochi, as cowardly as he may be, took of advantage of Oden’s heart and used the Mane Mane no Mi to mentally and emotionally distract Oden. That moment in which Oden turned his back on Kaido created a blind spot in which Kaido exploited to land the deciding blow. At the end of it all, Orochi knew Oden’s heart too well and took advantage of it to give Kaido the edge in that battle. The difference between the past and the current events is Orochi’s inability to even conceive what type of person Luffy is. And that is where Kaido and Orochi have overestimated themselves, thinking that they know Monkey D. Luffy.

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