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Bleach Chapter 654-661 – Dance Of Fate

Bleach chapter 657 - Yoruichi vs Askin

*excitement over-overload*

Uryuu’s motives have finally been confirmed and just as most suspected, he opted to sabotage the Sternritter from within by joining their ranks. The act of betrayal was just a ruse to get the Sternritter not to distrust him. Personally, I had believed Uryuu joined the Sternritter because he figured out a way to defeat Yhwach and was biding his time because he was waiting for the opportune moment, but it turns out Uryuu concluded that Yhwach was unbeatable and instead decided to destroy the Quincy’s way of breaching the real world. Amusingly, it took Ichigo and the air of hope he haphazardly drags along with him to knock some nonsense back into Uryuu and shatter the calculations that led to Uryuu concluding that Yhwach was unbeatable into pieces. This in turn “surprised” the wielder of the “All Mighty” power, Jugram. Been waiting for this match-up for a while, finally we get to see what Uryuu is truly capable of.

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Bleach Chapter 606 – Impending Danger

Bleach chapter 606 - the Visored meet with Kisuke

Glad to see the Visored again

My goodness, wherever Kisuke threads, a mass wave of mystery follows, just what exactly is he up to and what does he have planned? I’m confident that Kisuke does genuinely rely on Ichigo but based on the conversation Kisuke and Hiyori had there are certain things he seems to have omitted sharing with Ichigo. My guess would be the energy balance between the dimensions being out of sync and posing some form of danger to the worlds. Hiyori was investigating the distortion between Soul Society and the Human World, so it would make sense if the context of the conversation she had with Kisuke was concerning such a matter. Still, I find it interesting that Hiyori believes Ichigo doesn’t stand a chance against the enemy at the Soul King Palace O.o.

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Bleach Episode 329 – Modsoul Genesis

Bleach Episode 329 - Soi-Fon and her prince, Yoruichi-sama

So this is what the world inside the head of Soi-Fon looks like, interesting...

Sorry I just had to use this image as the main one, it is awesomely hilarious! Soi-Fon and her delusions hahah =P. The image reminded me a lot of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Anyway this episode was great, we get to learn what exactly Kageroza is after and just exactly who he is. We also find out who/what Nozomi is – shock/horror moment for Kon. And to top things off we get an epic evil guy laugh at the end – got to love evil laughs.

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Bleach Episode 327-328 – Space Control

Bleach Episode 328 - Kageroza's Twisted Smile

It must have taken him lots of practice to get a face that "charming" when he smiles

It really is surprising how entertaining I’m finding this filler arc, it’s great. There is actual mystery, suspense, tension, direction and the action is engaging. I do find with Bleach, especially right now, that the Bleach anime > Bleach manga – I prefer the extra spin Studio Pierrot gives to Bleach. What I find the current manga arc lacks which this filler arc has is focus. I’m somewhat lost in what to think for the Lost Shinigami Representative arc, as Kubo is keeping everything in the shadows, making you question everything and not giving any hints or direction in which to cast your focus – who is the actual “bad guy” in the current arc and what is the story the arc is trying to tell? This filler arc makes it clear what the plot is and what direction it is taking – Kageroza is the villain and he plans to manipulate the space to bring everything under his control.

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