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One Piece Chapter 775 – Franky VS Senor Pink

One Piece chapter 775 - Franky VS Senor Pink

The conclusion of the manliest fight…

With their manliness challenged, the two engage in a battle tanking each others hits in order to be the last one standing and prove to the other that they are the manlier man. From a spectator’s perspective, the mere notion of such a battle may appear meaningless and foolish, but despite the duty they hold to others and the promises they made, the importance of being a man to them takes precedence over any other consideration. Franky and Senor Pink may be on opposite sides of the line by they certainly understand each other and resonate together.

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One Piece Chapter 755 – Unleash The Manliness

One Piece chapter 755 - Hardboiled Franky and Senor Pink

In another time these two could have been friends

My goodness, I can’t even think clearly because the overwhelming dose of manliness from Franky and Senor Pink has sent my senses into a climax of both awe and horror. Did what just happen actually happen? It’s chilling trying to rationalise what just took place but the amusing nature of the events beckons one to continue wondering. Ultimately though, through countless events of zaniness, a battle between “man” has erupted.

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One Piece Chapter 732 – Within The Shadows Of Dressrosa

One Piece chapter 732 - Undercover Robin and Usopp

Undercover Robin (got to love them sunglasses) and Usopp

The Sugar surprise panic strategy has begun and with that so has the most important part of the arc, depending on what happens here, tremendous shock waves will be sent throughout the world. How exactly will the Strawhats and their alliances stop the Donquixote underground trading port and the SMILE factory? And how can such a massive underground trading port exist and function without the World Government knowing about it? I look forward to having these questions answered. Also Oda-sensei is one sly man, I noticed that Christmas present in the final double spread page as well as the hinting of ‘Santa’s-little-workshop’ going on, a very fitting chapter to end things at for the week of Christmas (ho ho ho – where is Brook when you need him, /sadface).

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