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One Piece Chapter 776 – The Legendary Kyros

One Piece chapter 776 - Kyros's determination

What an absolute beast Kyros, no wonder he is a legend!

Kyros; the strongest gladiator in the history of the Corrida Colosseum, the undefeated champion of 3,000 matches, and the commander of the Riku Royal Army, yet a man robbed of his humanity for ten long years fated to exist as a toy while the nation he loves slowly crumbles into ruin and desolation. Carrying the weight of a nation’s sorrow and the regret of his own inabilities on his shoulders, he becomes the embodiment of country’s anger and bears that weight towards the man who brutally stole the life of his wife away from him and the world. The difference in resolve driving their swords became the deciding factor in revealing who the true Hero of the Corrida Colosseum was.

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One Piece Chapter 742 – The Forgotten Man

One Piece chapter 742 - Kyros cuts his own leg

How unexpected, so this is how Kyros lost his left leg

Developments sure transpired quickly this chapter, especially Kyros’s flashback and Sugar’s “demise”. But I don’t mind at all, with those relevant developments out of the way now, we can finally get into the climax of the arc – the battle with Doflamingo. And concerning that battle, with everything Doflamingo has done and the amount of people he has forced to suffer, he so NEEDS an ass-kicking this arc. Regardless of how strong and capable Doflamingo is, this arc has built him up as a villain who has accumulated too many sins to let escape or have another arc without getting his just deserts this arc. And with the cliff-hanger this chapter, Usopp has ensured that Doflamingo is half-way on his way to receiving his beating.

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