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Fairy Tail Chapter 398 – On The Edge

Fairy Tail chapter 398 - Kyouka and Erza

Been looking forward to this rematch – FIGHT!

How amusing, I was expecting Natsu to have some hand in defeating the remaining members of Tartarus, but it looks like his role is completely reserved for the final antagonist of this arc. Regarding Face, it looks like Keith’s defeat wasn’t the end of the plan, Sayla utilised her macros to animated Crawford and continue the activation of Face. With the threat of around 3,000 magic pulse bombs being activated simultaneously, it is going to be exciting to see how Erza takes on Kyouka, what Wendy has planned for the other magic guilds and what Makarov is going to do with Lumen Histoire.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 381 – Mirajane VS Sayla

Fairy Tail chapter 381 - Sayla VS Mirajane 1

That is one amazingly illustrated panel, I love the effect Sayla creates when she cast her curse

That was a great chapter. To get a flashback of Mirajane, Elfman and Lisanna and how they came about attaining the ability to use their respective Take Over magics, it was a pleasant surprise and a great addition to their character development, especially collectively as a family. And as with the nature of a family, when one member is in trouble, the others come to their aid. This was shown in the previous chapter when Mirajane destroyed Tartarus’s lab to aid Fairy Tail and in the climax of this chapter when Mirajane forced herself and her magic to Take Over Sayla’s macro ability and command Elfman to blindside Sayla with a ferocious attack and save his family. Seeing both Mirajane outsmart Sayla and Elfman redeem himself for his earlier actions, it was enjoyably satisfying.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 380 – Sayla Unleashed

Fairy Tail chapter 380 - Sayla limit release - colour by belucEn (http://belucen.deviantart.com)

Sayla demon form limiter release – colour by belucEn

Thanks to the element of the Tartarus demons being able to be revived at the resurrection lab in Cube, the Mirajane and Sayla battle became significantly more meaningful, especially when Lamy spilled the beans and revealed the purpose of the lab, “Hell’s Core”. The way Mirajane dealt with the lab and Tartarus’s ability to revive themselves was quite surprising and impressive, I certainly did not expect Mirajane to have taken control of the tentacle thing in the lab, but regardless, seeing Mirajane destroy the reviving containers with Ezel and Franmalth inside was totally satisfying. The main highlight of the chapter though was Sayla and her released demon form, she overwhelmed Mirajane (in her Sitri form) instantaneously after transforming, it was shockingly good. The appearance of the Tartarus Demon King, topped off an already great chapter with another exciting development.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 373 – 41 Minutes

Fairy Tail chapter 373 - 41 minutes to stop Face from activating

What a 41 minutes this is going to be

Everything has become a lot more tense and exciting now with a timer being placed on Face’s activation. Within these 41 minutes until Face activates and all magic onn the continent is rendered null, can Fairy Tail defeat the Tartarus members opposing them and stop Face from activating? And will Jellal, Meredy and Oración Seis have a further role within this arc? Beyond the developments of Face though, who is this E.N.D. Zeref mentioned, the greatest demon “book” of he created? Why couldn’t Igneel kill him and why will Natsu be faced by such an extreme choice when encountering E.N.D.? Whatever happens within these 41 minutes and after, it feels like something significant is going to be changed.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 366-367 – The Demon’s Scheme

Fairy Tail chapter 367 - Sayla Dream Demon - colour by gaston18 (http://gaston18.deviantart.com)

Sayla’s scheme – colour by gaston18

To think Natsu would be captured so soon after breaking into the Tartarus headquarters, but I don’t mind, especially since it was Silver who stopped Natsu. Will be interesting to learn Silver’s connection to Gray. Also Elfman, so he did sell Sayla his soul in order to save Lisanna, what a man. Still now that he has come under Sayla’s influence/corruption and is now back at Fairy Tail, I wonder how exactly Sayla plans to break Fairy Tail.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 361-363 – The Demon’s Intent

Fairy Tail chapter 363 - Sayla - colour by pollo1567 (http://pollo1567.deviantart.com)

Sayla, the Clear Moon Sky – colour by pollo1567

So that is what Tartarus is after hunting down these former Magic Council members, to seize control over one of the magic weapons developed by them – Face, and to prevent any other magic weapon from being activated. Face would effectively allow Tartarus to render all magic on the continent useless and open the door for them to seize control over the surface world with their curses. It is a cunning plan, but unfortunately for them, they went and chose the continent with Fairy Tail on.

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