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One Piece Chapter 1054 - The Samurai take on Ryokugyu

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One Piece Chapter 1054 – Samurai VS Ryokugyu: Freedom

One Piece Chapter 1054 - The Samurai take on Ryokugyu

With conflict once again at the doorstep of Wano Kuni, will the Straw Hat Pirates be summoned to the nations defense or will the Samurai of the liberated Country endure to fend off the threat of the newly appointed Admiral? Based on what we have seen, while the Samurai can defend and fend off Ryokugyu’s attacks, they do appear to be overwhelmed by his abilities with just their current forces. If Yamato were to remain alongside them, I can see a path forward but with Momonosuke’s request, there may not be a conclusion for Yamato to this current battle. Along with the events in Wano, around the world varying forces are also making their move. Shanks has set his sights on One Piece and Sabo has become the icon for the Revolutions rebellion. Wrapping around all these developments is Sakazuki and his unphased desire to mete out justice. Once the dust is all settle, how will the structure of the conflict appear?

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