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One Piece Chapter 744 – Sabo Makes His Move

One Piece chapter 744 - Sabo, Koala and Hack

Sabo reveals himself! The second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army

What an unbelievably amazing chapter that was thoroughly satisfying to read. Sabo was able to make himself the victor of the Corrida Colosseum and finally consume the Mera Mera no Mi. Those “dragon” themed attacks of his can now become even more fantastical and magical with the Mera Mera no Mi fire powers. Back down in the Underground Trading Port, Usopp has become a god to those cast into the pits of despair when they were enslaved by Doflamingo, but now with Usopp having saved them; their joy, gratitude and happiness is all directly associated with Usopp. From a lie told out of insecurity in the past, Usopp now has the army he always dreamed of having. And their first target of wrath is the SMILE factory.

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One Piece Chapter 743 – And It Collapses…

One Piece chapter 743 - Chaos unleashed in Dressrosa

Way to go Usopp, you did it! And what a cool way of capitalising on the situation

The house of cards Doflamingo has meticulously built over the course of ten years has finally collapsed with the removal of one key card in the house, the card known as Sugar, and he has none other than the secret weapon of the Strawhats aka. Usopp to thank for such a situation. Chaos usually isn’t a good thing, but the chaos descending upon Dressrosa given the circumstances surrounding it make for such a sweet sweet sight. The Donquixote Pirates have messed up and Doflamingo as the “Joker” with all the cards crashing down around him is going to have hell to pay, well he has already lost his head to it, I do wonder though if he has also lost his life because of it.

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One Piece Chapter 737 – The Heroes Of Dressrosa

One Piece chapter 737 - Leo steels his will

Ooohh how exciting, this arc is about to get even more interesting with the dwarves plan about to succeed

What an compelling and enthralling chapter, my excitement has just reached dangerous levels that waiting for the next One Piece chapter to come out has become borderline unbearable. So the danger of Pica and his Devil Fruit really is in how he can manipulate the surrounding environment to his advantage, that being, using the very castle Luffy, Zoro and Viola are in to attack them. It is going to be interesting to see how Luffy, Zoro and Viola handle Pica. At the Colosseum side, ah, the full on action contained within induces me to crave after more, Rebecca is holding her own within the battle and Sabo completely showed Burgess up by nullifying his Surge Elbow and destroying his armor. I also love how Diamante is completely confused at Lucy’s current fighting style, it is going to be so sweet when Sabo takes on Diamante.

The underground trading port, so the climax there is about to be reached with Leo preparing to plant the fake grape within Sugar’s grape bowl. Hopefully the plan goes down as intended and Doflamingo’s real character is revealed to the Kingdom and its citizens.

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One Piece Chapter 736 – The Donquixote Elite Officers

One Piece chapter 736 - The Corrida Colosseum finalist

The Corrida Colosseum finalist, who will win?

You’ve got hand it to Oda-sensei, he knows how to create suspenseful and impacting moments that make you laugh and smile. I loved it when Viola told the group to ‘proceed with caution’ through the Palace lower sections and in the next scene we have Luffy attacking the guards. No matter how intricate and well-developed a plan you have is, if it doesn’t agree with Luffy’s instincts, he won’t follow it. And it is because of that, we are able to get unexpected and sudden developments which constantly keeps the story of an arc fresh and exciting. And it is because of that we were able to see Doflamingo’s ‘clueless’ face, it was priceless. Excellent chapter.

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One Piece Chapter 735 – When A Tiger Bears Its Fangs

One Piece chapter 735 - Issho's intent

I’m loving Issho more and more

Ooooooh I was wondering what Fujitora would do, so his plan is to prevent any harm from befalling the citizens of Dressrosa by stopping the Strawhats and then follow through with his own justice and deal with Doflamingo “afterwards”, what a badass Fujitora. To think such an independent and open mind is active in a significant position within the Marines. The other highlight of the chapter was Sabo, that pipe of his…incoming Busoshoku Haki hardening and a complete rampage by Sabo on Burgess and Diamante. Ah I can’t wait, including Franky, Luffy/Zoro/Kin’emon/Viola/Wicca, Robin/Usopp/Tontatta tribe, Soldier-san, and Sanji/Nami/Brook/Chopper/Momonosuke, there is so much to look forward to in the coming chapters as the arc reaches its climax.

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One Piece Chapter 731 – Welcome Back Sabo and Koala

One Piece chapter 731 - Ace's will

Creating waves all around the world, Ace’s death and those carrying on his will

I was wondering how Oda-sensei would follow-up the magnificent chapter of last week and my goodness, my freaking goodness, he did it, he shocked us even more and left us in awe once again, in a complete and euphoric state of awe. I can’t believe he was able to get all of that in a 19 page chapter, so many developments took place, what a mangaka Oda-sensei. Ah I am tearing up, I was hoping Sabo would appear this arc and I was hoping Koala would appear at some point during the story but both together in the same chapter, ah I can’t help but be left in a state of numb. And as such the extent and sheer weight of how glorious these developments are has not fully been realised by my body yet, but even so, my ear-to-ear wide smile is reacting overwhelmingly. Oh man, Luffy has another reason to smash Doflamingo’s face in now, Mingo is so going down.

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[Theory] One Piece – Bartolomeo The Cannibal

One Piece chapter 709 - Bartolomeo - colour by Choparini (http://choparini.deviantart.com)

The barrier man, Bartolomeo – colour by Choparini

Edit: well this theory was made when chapter 714 was the latest chapter, but after chapter 720, when it was revealed Bartolomeo was a Luffy fanboy, my theory pretty much crumbled spectacularly. It was fun theorising who Bartolomeo was before we knew who he was (even though I was majorly wrong), but just like Oda-sensei has done many times before, he surprises us immensely – Sabo did get the Mera Mera no Mi though!

It was revealed in chapter 714 that Bartolomeo has some history with Strawhat [Luffy], a history that he made seem extends quite far into the past. From what we know the likely place Luffy and Bartolomeo could be connected by is Dawn Island. I’ve been trying to fit Bartolomeo into the events that took place there and the only way I can likely see Bartolomeo fitting in is if he is actually Bluejam’s son. That would establish the connection between Luffy and himself and explain why Luffy doesn’t recognise such a memorable face like Bartolomeo’s.

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